5 Best Internet Providers in Ottawa, CA

While Ottawa is home to various high-speed internet providers, some stand out by providing reliable service at an affordable price — and great customer support teams back up that service.

Whether you’re working from home, an avid streamer, a competitive gamer, or simply use the web to browse your favorite content, having a fast, reliable connection is crucial.

With so many Ottawa providers to choose from, how do you know which plan is best for you? We’ll explore the five best Ottawa internet providers, discuss why they made this list, and talk about some of their plans, pricing, and more.

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1. VMedia

Here at VMedia, we’re proud to be the leading independent provider of telecom and broadcasting services in Ottawa and throughout Canada. Since 2013, we’ve provided Canadians across the country with affordable internet plans, TV and phone services, and more.

We offer a competitive alternative to the major providers at lower prices and with no contracts, unlimited data usage, innovative features, and customer-centric support.

In addition, we offer our customers various options for internet plans to fit every need and every budget. From low-speed DSL plans starting at $14.95 per month to ultra-fast cable plans starting at $84.95 per month and eight plans in between (all with unlimited usage and no contract), there’s a perfect plan for everyone — including you.

So, if you’re looking for reliable internet and fast speeds without restriction, we might be the perfect provider for you.

Ready to browse, stream, and download without worrying about extra fees or running out of data? Pick your plan today — See why Canadians across Ottawa trust VMedia.

2. Bell

Bell Canada offers internet plans in Ottawa starting at $49.95 per month. While pricier than other providers like VMedia, Bell offers speeds of up to 3 Gbps — some of the fastest available in the country — starting at $139.95 per month.

Bell also has a variety of internet plans designed to fit into any budget and speed requirements, making them an excellent choice for those looking for specific speeds at a specific price.

If you want the highest upload and download speeds possibly, Bell might be the right choice with high-speed plans ranging from 1.5 to 3 Gbps. However, the company’s fiber has limited coverage; customers without access to their fiber lines will have to choose a slower option like DSL, which caps at 100 Mbps download speed. Otherwise, they’ll need to use a cable service provider like VMedia to reach gigabit speeds.

3. Coextro

Another alternative for those looking for simple, straightforward services for their internet, home phone, or TV services is Coextro. The company offers a wide range of internet plans in Ottawa starting at $29.95 with unlimited data usage — perfect for streaming on-demand television shows and movies.

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Coextro also offers an exclusive television service called SimplTV, which allows customers to watch 17 popular channels, like CTV, CITY, and CBC, on any of their devices.

Locally founded in 2010, Coextro is an Ottawa internet provider with a history of great customer service and fair prices. The company is also active in the community — a bonus to go with their high-quality service.

Ottawa residents looking for a more affordable (albeit slower) internet option might want to look into Coextro’s services.

4. Oxio

Oxio is a no-nonsense internet provider in Ottawa. If you’re searching for a new internet plan because you want a cheaper bill and no surprises, Oxio is a great low-cost alternative for internet service in Canada.

Like VMedia, Oxio is an independent provider that keeps its costs low to pass its savings to its customers. You’ve probably heard that claim for multiple companies; however, Oxio stands behind it — they show you their upfront costs and profits from each plan.

Also, like VMedia, Oxio provides unlimited usage for all plans without contracts. Compared to VMedia, Oxio’s service is quite bare-bones; however, customers will still get their money’s worth.

Suppose you’re looking to bundle your internet with other services, like phone, security, or television. In that case, Oxio doesn’t offer anything other than internet services — you can likely find better savings with a company that offers internet bundles.

5. Cogeco

Cogeco offers internet plans across Canada and is a favorite for many Ottawa customers. The company offers internet speeds from 60 Mbps to 1 Gbps; however, their fastest speeds are only available in limited locations.

Cogeco’s internet packages also come with an AC Wi-Fi modem, excellent technical support, a suite of security services, and unlimited access to the company’s Wi-Fi hotspots.

The company also offers bundles for both homes and businesses, delivering fast internet and quality TV and phone packages all in one place. And with 24/7 local support, you can get help when you need it most.

Ottawa Internet Providers: What To Look For

Now that you know five providers in Ottawa to consider, how do you make your choice?

  • Speed is crucial you want to ensure you have enough bandwidth to support your favorite online activities. However, you need to determine the speeds you need so you don’t overpay for upload and download speeds you don’t need.
  • Price matters, too — and not just your regular monthly bill. Look out for providers that charge for data overages and cancellations. In addition, check that the equipment rental fees (if applicable) and installation costs aren’t too high.
  • Connection types are important to understand — fiber is the best but not available in many areas. However, cable internet can offer excellent upload and download speeds. DSL typically offers the lowest speeds but is available in almost every area.

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Who Is the Best Internet Provider In Ottawa?

While the answer can vary depending on your exact needs, you can’t go wrong with VMedia. With high-speed services, top-tier reliability, and the best support staff, VMedia is the perfect provider for internet, whether you need it for working, streaming, gaming, or browsing.

Pick your plan today — Get started with VMedia: The best internet provider in Ottawa!

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