VCloud TV and PVR — Easy, Flexible, Free!

VMedia offers two great platforms so you’ll never miss your favourite shows: VCloud TV and PVR.

Our innovative VCloud TV, unique in Canada, gives you quick access to any show aired within the past 7 days on a whole list of channels, including major Canadian and US networks. Lots of popular programs — just a few clicks and and it’s up on your screen. That fast. That cool.

And for everything else, there is our client side PVR, which allows you to record and save any show on any subscribed channel to a convenient storage device and then watch when you want.

VMedia TV — TV on your schedule.

VCloud TV — "Scroll-Back" TV

Only VMedia's VCloud gives 'scroll-back' TV, where you can scroll back in in the TV Guide, select a show you missed, click ok and it's up on your screen. No wait time to download.

With VCloud TV, you get quick access to any show aired within the past 7 days on many channels. Our list of VCloud channels includes CTV, Global, CityTV, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW, MyTV, TVO, CHCH, Yes TV, CTV2 Barrie, OMNI1 and OMNI2, as well as specialty channels, Silver Screen Classics, Travel & Escape, Cottage Life and OUTtv. Never miss your favourite shows — they’re always in the cloud.

VCloud TV — The way TV should be. No extra hardware. No extra charge.

PVR - Record Your Favourite Shows

With our PVR (Beta), you can record any show, at any time, on any channel that you have subscribed for and watch it when you want.

This PVR function, which we call "client-side" PVR, allows you to record a show while watching it, or record one program while watching another one on another channel, or set up a recording for some time later within the next 24 hours.

And PVR comes with your VBox and no need to pay for more expensive set top receiver.

With VMedia’s PVR, all you need is a handy storage device - an SD Card or USB key (2.0). Simply, set up your storage device in your VBox, highlight the program in the TV Guide or watch it live and press the Red button on your remote to record. Fast, cool and easy to use.

PVR is a great companion to our unique VCloud TV platform, and together they provide a dynamic solution for ensuring that you have access to all the shows you love to watch!