About VMedia

We are a bunch of software developers, engineers and content industry veterans who love movies, TV and above all the internet. Our mission is to help Canadians enjoy movies, TV and the internet, at home or on the go, as much as we do, and continually enhance that experience. We seek to improve our technology, our services and our features, and we hope to do so through the development of an ongoing communication with our customers about what they want, what they would like and how we can better serve them.

VMedia is a Toronto-based Canadian broadcast distribution undertaking(BDU) licensed by the CRTC, which offers a unique entertainment portal to Canadian consumers that combines conventional and specialty TV channels with access to internet-delivered (over-the-top, or OTT) content. As an independent internet service provider VMedia also offers the high-speed internet that consumers need to enjoy our content at home

Started in 2006 with a solution for delivering multicultural channel packages to consumers around the world, VMedia is a team of best-in- class engineers, designers and content industry executives with an international reputation as a provider of top-quality IPTV services for ethnic markets. It has expanded its business to provide Canadian channels, acquiring the right to do so when it was awarded a BDU licence in 2011. The VMedia team has developed the VBox, its proprietary Android-based set top box that enables subscribers to receive TV channels as well as OTT content through one device, using one controller.

To the company’s knowledge there is no other platform available in Canada with the integrated functionality and flexibility, and adaptability to multiscreen applications, of the VBox, backed by VMedia’s IPTV/OTT infrastructure. The full range of content sourcing combined with ease of access and navigation, and quality of reception, provides a unique entertainment for Canadian consumers with a seamless interface delivering a true “anything, anytime, anywhere” value proposition.

If there is something we are not doing right, we want to know about it, and we will fix it. If there is something we can do better, let us know and we will improve it. Together we will make the personal entertainment experience as good as possible.

The VMedia Team