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VMedia gives you the most choice and flexibility, cool features on your TV screen - and great savings!

Everyday low pricing for TV and internet starting at only $47.90/month, high speed internet without data limits and our innovative VBox - powering Netflix, YouTube and 100’s of apps right on your TV screen.

A whole new way of watching!

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Here is What People Say...

I am in Canada and I have VMedia. I absolutely love it! The internet is fast.TV is fantastic and reasonably priced for what you get… I can’t honestly think of one complaint.

M.Godin, Facebook

A Merry Christmas to all of the great service staff at VMedia. Your jobs are the hardest as no one calls you to say everything is great but in my experience, your kind and efficient service is the difference between VMedia and all of the others.

Mike McCleland, Facebook

Thank you VMedia. Your service is awesome. My wife and I love it.

R. Kennedy, Facebook

Way to go VMedia, I hope you bring a revolution to this monopoly the empires have going.

E. Mu, Facebook

A year in, I'm a satisfied customer who has just upped my speed beginning Nov 1. Keep up the good work!

D. Fleming, Facebook

VMedia Saved Me! About $60/month.... Thank you for giving us an option!


Appreciate your efforts! I know you’re a small group and are literally breaking new ground...


TV.... picture quality is very very very good. I see no difference from Rogers.

Macintosh Doctor

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