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Unlimited Canada and USA

1 month
Reg.  $19.95/Month

  • Unlimited calling within Canada and USA
  • 15 features included
  • Low long distance rates outside Canada and USA

Unlimited World

1 month
Reg.  $26.95/Month

  • Unlimited calling to over 60 countries
  • 15 features included
  • Low long distance rates for other countries

Extend Your Home Phone To Your Smartphone

With VMedia’s advanced mobile VoIP application, you can extend your Home Phone plan and its long distance advantages to your smartphone. Use your cell phone for long distance calls and save on mobile long distance charges. Plus, receive incoming calls to your Home phone number on your mobile device. Never miss a call again.

Enjoy all your favourite VMedia Home Phone features, including caller ID with name display, voicemail, 3 way calling and many more. You can even check and top up your long distance balance with the press of a button. Plus easy to sign on with the QR code in your ”My Account”.

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Caller ID With Name

Caller’s name and phone number are conveniently displayed on your phone.

Call Waiting With Caller

You can accept a second call when you are already on the phone and place the first caller on hold. Allows you to see who is calling on a second incoming call so you can decide whether to take the call or send it to voicemail.

Voicemail and Message Notification

User-friendly voicemail system so your callers can always leave a message if you do not answer. Visual indicators for messages waiting.

Remote Voicemail Access

Access your voicemail when you are away from home, so you can always stay in touch.

Caller ID Block

This allows to make a call and not have your name and phone number displayed to the person you are calling. This can be very useful when you want to protect your privacy.

Online Account Management

Advanced online account management tools and information in your ‘My Account’ that you will appreciate. Everything you need to do or find is right there.

Access Numbers To Save Long Distance Charges

Use our special ‘Access Numbers’ to access your Home Phone account and make long distance calls from your cell phone when out of your home or travelling.

Call Forwarding (unconditional)

Forward your calls to another number so that you never have to miss any of your calls.

Phone App

Enjoy your VMedia home phone service and all of its features from the convenience of your cell phone.

Enhanced Call Forwarding

You can also set up call forwarding for specific circumstances , i.e. after a certain amount of rings , when the line is in use, or when phone is off line.

Do Not Disturb

Allows you not to be disturbed with call ringing and have your calls go straight to voicemail.

3-Way Calling

This allows you to have a conference call with up to 2 other people.
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Call Transfer (Blind)

Transfer any calls to another phone number while you are on a call. If you are talking to someone and you want to transfer the call to your cell phone, you can do so and keep talking. Or if you are on a call with one person and want to transfer them to another individual, you can transfer the call and they will be connected. You can transfer calls to a cell, landline or VOIP number.
Learn more.

Call Transfer - Attended

When you want to transfer any calls to another phone number while you are on a call, you can notify the desired party to be transferred. This is done by putting the caller on hold and dialling the desired party, then notify them, and if they choose to accept the call, it is transferred to them.

Keep Your Number

You can keep your current phone number when you sign up for VMedia Home Phone and you can even keep your number if you move across the country. Our Home Phone makes it easy to move – all you need is an internet connection. No need to deal with getting a local phone number.

Free VMedia to VMedia Home Phone Calling

You can talk to any other VMedia Home Phone Customer for free no matter what plan you are both on and no matter where you are both located.



from $0.33/minute See all rates
Afghanistan Areeba Mobile $0.36
Afghanistan At Mobile $0.33
Afghanistan Awcc Mobile $0.34
Afghanistan Etisalat Mobile $0.33
Afghanistan Other $0.44
Afghanistan Roshan Mobile $0.36


from $0.17/minute See all rates
Albania Amc Fixed $0.30
Albania Amc Mobile $0.49
Albania Eagle Mobile $0.49
Albania Olo $2.11
Albania Other $0.17
Albania Plus Mobile $0.55
Albania Tirana $0.17
Albania Vodafone Mobile $0.54


from $0.10/minute See all rates
Algeria Algiers $0.10
Algeria Mpta Mobile $0.39
Algeria Orascom Mobile $0.50
Algeria Other $0.10
Algeria Wataniya Mobile $0.70

American Samoa

from $0.08/minute See all rates
American Samoa Mobile $0.08
American Samoa Other $0.08


from $0.04/minute See all rates
Andorra Mobile $0.28
Andorra Other $0.04


from $0.12/minute See all rates
Angola Movicel Mobile $0.12
Angola Other $0.13
Angola Unitel Mobile $0.13


from $0.14/minute See all rates
Anguilla Digicel Mobile $0.33
Anguilla Mobile $0.34
Anguilla Other $0.14

Antigua and Barbuda

from $0.23/minute See all rates
Antigua & Barbuda Mobile $0.39
Antigua & Barbuda Other $0.23


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Argentina Buenos Aires $0.01
Argentina Central $0.02
Argentina Mobile $0.16
Argentina Other $0.05


from $0.16/minute See all rates
Armenia Armentel Mobile $0.28
Armenia Karabakh $0.22
Armenia Karabakh Mobile $0.28
Armenia Non Geographical $0.24
Armenia Orange Mobile $0.28
Armenia Other $0.16
Armenia Viva Cell Mobile $0.27
Armenia Yerevan $0.16


from $0.15/minute See all rates
Aruba Digicel Mobile $0.35
Aruba Mobile $0.33
Aruba Other $0.15

Ascension Island

from $2.70/minute See all rates
Ascension Island All Country $2.70


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Australia Metro Cities $0.03
Australia Mobile $0.14
Australia Optus Mobile $0.13
Australia Other $0.03
Australia Special Services $0.04
Australia Telstra Mobile $0.14
Australia Territories All Country $2.32
Australia Vodafone Mobile $0.14


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Austria Corporate $0.03
Austria H3g Mobile $0.06
Austria Mobile $0.49
Austria Mobilkom Mobile $0.06
Austria Orange Mobile $0.06
Austria Other $0.02
Austria TMobile Mobile $0.06
Austria Vienna $0.02


from $0.12/minute See all rates
Bahamas Mobile $0.33
Bahamas Other $0.12


from $0.07/minute See all rates
Bahrain Mena Telecom Wimax $0.14
Bahrain Mobile $0.12
Bahrain Mtc Mobile $0.12
Bahrain Other $0.07
Bahrain Viva Mobile $0.13


from $0.07/minute See all rates
Bangladesh Chittagong $0.07
Bangladesh Dhaka $0.07
Bangladesh Mobile $0.07
Bangladesh Other $0.07


from $0.12/minute See all rates
Barbados Digicel Mobile $0.31
Barbados Mobile $0.30
Barbados Other $0.12


from $0.39/minute See all rates
Belarus Minsk $0.39
Belarus Mobile $0.49
Belarus Mts Mobile $0.49
Belarus Other $0.39
Belarus Telematic $1.40


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Belgium Base Mobile $0.03
Belgium Mobile $0.69
Belgium Mobistar Mobile $0.03
Belgium Other $0.02
Belgium Proximus Mobile $0.03
Belgium Special $0.09


from $0.36/minute See all rates
Belize Mobile $0.37
Belize Other $0.36


from $0.37/minute See all rates
Benin Bell Benin Mobile $0.37
Benin Globacom Mobile $0.37
Benin Libercom Mobile $0.37
Benin Moov Mobile $0.37
Benin Mtn Mobile $0.37
Benin Other $0.37


from $0.05/minute See all rates
Bermuda Mobile $0.05
Bermuda Other $0.06


from $0.14/minute See all rates
Bhutan Mobile $0.14
Bhutan Other $0.14


from $0.11/minute See all rates
Bolivia Cochabamba $0.11
Bolivia Entel Mobile $0.24
Bolivia Equal Access $0.11
Bolivia La Paz $0.11
Bolivia Mobile $0.24
Bolivia Nuevatel Mobile $0.24
Bolivia Other $0.21
Bolivia Rural $0.16
Bolivia Santa Cruz $0.11
Bolivia Telecel Mobile $0.25

Bosnia and Herzegovina

from $0.19/minute See all rates
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bh Mobile $0.44
Bosnia & Herzegovina Ht Eronet Mostar Mobile $0.56
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar $0.19
Bosnia & Herzegovina Other $0.19
Bosnia & Herzegovina Srpske $0.19
Bosnia & Herzegovina Srpske Mtel Mobile $0.56


from $0.09/minute See all rates
Botswana Mascom Mobile $0.32
Botswana Mobile $0.18
Botswana Orange Mobile $0.36
Botswana Other $0.09


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Brazil Belem $0.02
Brazil Belo Horizonte $0.02
Brazil Brasilia $0.02
Brazil Campinas $0.03
Brazil Curitiba $0.02
Brazil Florianopolis $0.02
Brazil Fortaleza $0.02
Brazil Goiania $0.02
Brazil Governador Valladares $0.02
Brazil Londrina $0.03
Brazil Manaus $0.03
Brazil Mobile $0.31
Brazil Natal $0.02
Brazil Other $0.03
Brazil Porto Alegre $0.02
Brazil Recife $0.02
Brazil Rio De Janeiro $0.02
Brazil Salvador $0.02
Brazil Sao Paulo $0.02
Brazil Tim Mobile $0.30
Brazil Uberlandia $0.03
Brazil Vitoria $0.02

Brunei Darussalam

from $0.05/minute See all rates
Brunei Mobile $0.06
Brunei Other $0.05


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Bulgaria Globul Mobile $0.17
Bulgaria Max Mobile $0.70
Bulgaria Mobile $0.10
Bulgaria Mobiltel Mobile $0.09
Bulgaria Olo $0.08
Bulgaria Other $0.03
Bulgaria Sofia $0.03

Burkina Faso

from $0.33/minute See all rates
Burkina Faso Airtel Mobile $0.43
Burkina Faso Other $0.33
Burkina Faso Telecel Mobile $0.35
Burkina Faso Telmob Mobile $0.42


from $0.74/minute See all rates
Burundi Africel Mobile $0.76
Burundi Econet Mobile $0.74
Burundi Lacell Mobile $0.76
Burundi Onatel Fixed $0.76
Burundi Onatel Mobile $0.76
Burundi Other $0.76
Burundi Telcel Mobile $0.76


from $0.05/minute See all rates
Cambodia Mobile $0.05
Cambodia Other $0.05


from $0.21/minute See all rates
Cameroon Cdma Mobile $0.21
Cameroon Mtn Mobile $0.46
Cameroon Orange Mobile $0.46
Cameroon Other $0.21
Cameroon Spacemob $1.44


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Canada Directory Assistance $0.01
Canada Northwestel $0.21
Canada Npa 204 Manitoba $0.02
Canada Npa 226 London Overlay Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 236 VancouverBC $0.02
Canada Npa 249 North Bay Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 250 Victoria BC $0.02
Canada Npa 289 Hamilton Overlay Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 306 Saskatchewan $0.02
Canada Npa 343 Kingston Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 365 Hamilton Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 403 Southern Alberta $0.02
Canada Npa 416 Toronto Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 418 Quebec City Quebec $0.02
Canada Npa 431 Manitoba Overlay $0.11
Canada Npa 437 Toronto Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 438 Montreal Overlay Quebec $0.02
Canada Npa 450 Suburban Montreal Quebec $0.02
Canada Npa 506 New Brunswick $0.02
Canada Npa 514 Montreal Quebec $0.02
Canada Npa 519 London Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 581 Quebec City Quebec $0.02
Canada Npa 587 Southern Alberta Overlay $0.02
Canada Npa 604 Vancouver BC $0.02
Canada Npa 613 Kingston Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 639 Saskatchewan $0.02
Canada Npa 647 Toronto Overlay Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 705 North Bay Ontario $0.01
Canada Npa 709 Newfoundland $0.02
Canada Npa 778 Vancouver Overlay BC $0.02
Canada Npa 780 Northern Alberta $0.02
Canada Npa 807 Thunder Bay Ontario $0.02
Canada Npa 819 Sherbrooke Quebec $0.01
Canada Npa 873 Sherbrooke Quebec $0.11
Canada Npa 902 Nova Scotia $0.02
Canada Npa 905 Hamilton Ontario $0.02
Canada Other $0.02

Cape Verde

from $0.25/minute See all rates
Cape Verde Mobile $0.41
Cape Verde Mobile Tplus $0.41
Cape Verde Other $0.25

Cayman Islands

from $0.10/minute See all rates
Cayman Islands Digicel Mobile $0.25
Cayman Islands Mobile $0.27
Cayman Islands Other $0.10

Central African Republic

from $0.43/minute See all rates
Central African Republic Mobile $0.46
Central African Republic Moov Mobile $0.43
Central African Republic Orange Mobile $0.46
Central African Republic Other $0.54
Central African Republic Special $1.04
Central African Republic Telecel Mobile $0.63


from $0.40/minute See all rates
Chad Airtel Mobile $0.46
Chad Millicom Mobile $0.69
Chad Other $0.40
Chad Sotel Mobile $0.42


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Chile Easter Island $0.80
Chile Mobile $0.31
Chile Other $0.04
Chile Rural $1.30
Chile Santiago $0.02
Chile Special Services $1.60


from $0.02/minute See all rates
China Mobile $0.02
China Other $0.02
China Telecom Mobile $0.02
China Unicom Mobile $0.02


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Colombia Armenia $0.03
Colombia Baranquilla $0.03
Colombia Bogota $0.03
Colombia Bogota $0.04
Colombia Bucaramanga $0.03
Colombia Cali $0.02
Colombia Cartagena $0.03
Colombia Comcel Mobile $0.07
Colombia Lex $0.27
Colombia Manizales $0.03
Colombia Medellin $0.05
Colombia Mobile $0.09
Colombia Movistar Mobile $0.11
Colombia Other $0.06
Colombia Pereira $0.02
Colombia Tigo Mobile $0.11


from $0.42/minute See all rates
Comoros Mobile $0.53
Comoros Mobile Vas $1.46
Comoros Other $0.42


from $0.25/minute See all rates
Congo Airtel Mobile $0.61
Congo Azur Mobile $0.66
Congo Fixed Ct $0.65
Congo Mtn Mobile $0.64
Congo Other $0.61
Congo Warid Mobile $0.57
Dem Rep Of Congo Africell Mobile $0.44
Dem Rep Of Congo Airtel Mobile $0.34
Dem Rep Of Congo Mobile Cct $0.25
Dem Rep Of Congo Mtn Mobile $0.65
Dem Rep Of Congo Other $0.45
Dem Rep Of Congo Sait Mobile $0.44
Dem Rep Of Congo Sattel $2.08
Dem Rep Of Congo Vodacom Mobile $0.42

Cook Islands

from $1.16/minute See all rates
Cook Islands All Country $1.16

Costa Rica

from $0.02/minute See all rates
Costa Rica Claro Fixed $0.06
Costa Rica Claro Mobile $0.10
Costa Rica Mobile $0.08
Costa Rica Other $0.02
Costa Rica Telefonica Fixed $0.06
Costa Rica Telefonica Mobile $0.12


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Croatia Other $0.02
Croatia Tele2 Mobile $0.47
Croatia TMobile $0.47
Croatia Vipnet Mobile $0.47


from $1.29/minute See all rates
Cuba Guantanamo $1.32
Cuba Other $1.29


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Cyprus CytaVodafone Mobile $0.05
Cyprus Mobile $0.10
Cyprus Mtn Mobile $0.07
Cyprus Other $0.02

Czech Republic

from $0.04/minute See all rates
Czech Republic Mobilkom Mobile $0.53
Czech Republic Other $0.04
Czech Republic Prague $0.04
Czech Republic Telefonica O2 Mobile $0.06
Czech Republic TMobile Mobile $0.06
Czech Republic Vodafone Mobile $0.06


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Denmark H3g Mobile $0.03
Denmark Mobile $0.11
Denmark Other $0.01
Denmark Tdc Mobile $0.03
Denmark Telenor Mobile $0.03
Denmark Telia Mobile $0.03


from $0.55/minute See all rates
Djibouti Mobile $0.55
Djibouti Other $0.55


from $0.04/minute See all rates
Dominica Digicel Mobile $0.35
Dominica Mobile $0.28
Dominica Other $0.12
Dominican Republic Mobile $0.14
Dominican Republic Orange Mobile $0.14
Dominican Republic Other $0.04
Dominican Republic Santiago $0.04
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo $0.04


from $0.16/minute See all rates
Ecuador Alegro Mobile $0.34
Ecuador Etapa $0.16
Ecuador Movistar Mobile $0.32
Ecuador Other $0.17
Ecuador Porta Mobile $0.33


from $0.15/minute See all rates
Egypt Cairo $0.15
Egypt Etisalat Misr Mobile $0.15
Egypt Mobile $0.20
Egypt Other $0.15

El Salvador

from $0.18/minute See all rates
El Salvador Cte $0.18
El Salvador Digicel Mobile $0.25
El Salvador Mobile $0.38
El Salvador Other $0.28
El Salvador Personal Mobile $0.26
El Salvador Telefonica Mobile $0.31
El Salvador Telemovil Mobile $0.23

Equatorial Guinea

from $0.31/minute See all rates
Equatorial Guinea All Country $0.31


from $0.39/minute See all rates
Eritrea Mobile $0.39
Eritrea Other $0.39


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Estonia Elisa Mobile $0.04
Estonia Emt Mobile $0.04
Estonia Mobile $0.57
Estonia Other $0.02
Estonia Special Ngn $0.88
Estonia Tele 2 Mobile $0.04


from $0.39/minute See all rates
Ethiopia Addis Ababa $0.40
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mobile $0.39
Ethiopia Mobile $0.40
Ethiopia Other $0.40

Falkland Islands

from $1.85/minute See all rates
Falkland Islands All Country $1.85

Faroe Islands

from $0.09/minute See all rates
Faroe Islands Mobile $0.30
Faroe Islands Other $0.09

Federated States of Micronesia

from $0.31/minute See all rates
Micronesia All Country $0.31


from $0.36/minute See all rates
Fiji Digicel Mobile $0.36
Fiji Mobile $0.36
Fiji Other $0.36


from $0.07/minute See all rates
Finland Corporate $0.09
Finland Elisa Mobile $0.08
Finland Mobile $0.08
Finland Nongeographic $0.11
Finland Other $0.07
Finland Sonera Mobile $0.08


from $0.01/minute See all rates
France Bouygues Mobile $0.04
France Clec $0.01
France Free Mobile $0.05
France Globalstar Mobile $0.68
France Mobile $0.05
France Orange Mobile $0.03
France Other $0.01
France Sfr Mobile $0.03

French Guiana

from $0.04/minute See all rates
French Guiana Digicel Mobile $0.07
French Guiana Mobile $0.21
French Guiana Orange Mobile $0.10
French Guiana Other $0.04
French Guiana Outremer Mobile $0.12

French Polynesia

from $0.33/minute See all rates
French Polynesia Mobile $0.49
French Polynesia Other $0.33


from $0.61/minute See all rates
Gabon Airtel Mobile $0.61
Gabon Azur Mobile $0.70
Gabon Libertis Mobile $0.68
Gabon Moov Mobile $0.80
Gabon Other $0.67


from $0.75/minute See all rates
Gambia Africell Mobile $0.76
Gambia Comium Mobile $0.76
Gambia Gamcel Mobile $0.76
Gambia Mobile $0.75
Gambia Other $0.75


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Germany 02 Mobile $0.09
Germany EPlus Mobile $0.09
Germany Other $0.02
Germany Personal Number Mobile $0.10
Germany TMobile Mobile $0.09
Germany Vistream Mobile $0.15
Germany Vodafone Mobile $0.09


from $0.33/minute See all rates
Ghana Airtel Mobile $0.34
Ghana Expresso Mobile $0.35
Ghana Globacom Mobile $0.35
Ghana Mtn Mobile $0.34
Ghana Other $0.34
Ghana Tigo Mobile $0.35
Ghana Vodafone Fixed $0.33
Ghana Vodafone Mobile $0.33


from $0.06/minute See all rates
Gibraltar Mobile $0.33
Gibraltar Other $0.06


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Greece Athens $0.02
Greece Cosmote Mobile $0.03
Greece Other $0.02
Greece Vodafone Mobile $0.03
Greece Wind Mobile $0.03


from $0.84/minute See all rates
Greenland All Country $0.84


from $0.14/minute See all rates
Grenada Digicel Mobile $0.36
Grenada Mobile $0.35
Grenada Other $0.14


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Guadeloupe Digicel Mobile $0.07
Guadeloupe Mobile $0.10
Guadeloupe Orange Mobile $0.11
Guadeloupe Other $0.03


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Guam All Country $0.03


from $0.12/minute See all rates
Guatemala Comcel Mobile $0.23
Guatemala Mobile $0.25
Guatemala Movistar Mobile $0.21
Guatemala Other $0.24
Guatemala Sercom Mobile $0.16
Guatemala Telgua $0.12


from $0.57/minute See all rates
Guinea Areeba Mobile $0.70
Guinea Cellcom Mobile $0.62
Guinea Gamma $0.60
Guinea Intercel Mobile $0.65
Guinea Mai Mobile $0.71
Guinea Mobile $0.71
Guinea Orange Mobile $0.57
Guinea Other $0.81

Guinea Bissau

from $0.52/minute See all rates
Guinea Bissau Mobile $0.52
Guinea Bissau Mtn Mobile $0.64
Guinea Bissau Orange Mobile $0.64
Guinea Bissau Other $0.67


from $0.43/minute See all rates
Guyana Digicel Mobile $0.43
Guyana Mobile $0.43
Guyana Other $0.43


from $0.44/minute See all rates
Haiti Comcel Mobile $0.44
Haiti Digicel Mobile $0.44
Haiti Mobile $0.47
Haiti Other $0.48
Haiti PortAuPrince $0.47
Haiti Special Services $0.58


from $0.19/minute See all rates
Honduras Claro Mobile $0.20
Honduras Hondutel Mobile $0.20
Honduras OnNet Fixed $0.19
Honduras Other $0.20
Honduras Tigo Mobile $0.23

Hong Kong

from $0.01/minute See all rates
Hong Kong Mobile $0.01
Hong Kong Other $0.03


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Hungary Budapest $0.01
Hungary Other $0.02
Hungary Pannon Mobile $0.07
Hungary TMobile Mobile $0.07
Hungary Vodafone Mobile $0.07


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Iceland Mobile $0.17
Iceland Other $0.02
Iceland Siminn Mobile $0.11
Iceland Vodafone Mobile $0.11


from $0.02/minute See all rates
India Agra $0.03
India Ahmedabad $0.02
India Ambala $0.03
India Andhra Pradesh $0.04
India Bangalore $0.02
India Bhopal $0.03
India Bsnl Mobile $0.04
India Calcutta $0.02
India Chennai $0.02
India Coimbatore $0.03
India Cuttak $0.03
India Ernakulam $0.02
India Gujarat $0.03
India Haryana $0.03
India Hydrabad $0.02
India Jaipur $0.03
India Jallandhar $0.02
India Karnataka $0.04
India Kerala $0.03
India Lucknow $0.03
India Ludhinana $0.03
India Magalore $0.03
India Maharashtra $0.04
India Mobile $0.04
India Mumbai $0.02
India Mysore $0.03
India Nagpur $0.03
India New Delhi $0.02
India Other $0.04
India Patna $0.03
India Pune $0.03
India Punjab $0.03
India Rajkot $0.03
India Tamil Nadu $0.03


from $0.05/minute See all rates
Indonesia Excelcomindo Mobile $0.11
Indonesia Indosat Mobile $0.11
Indonesia Jakarta $0.05
Indonesia Mobile $0.11
Indonesia Other $0.11
Indonesia Surabaya $0.06
Indonesia Telkomsel Mobile $0.11


from $0.06/minute See all rates
Iraq Asiacell Mobile $0.35
Iraq Baghdad $0.21
Iraq Basra $0.21
Iraq Fanous Mobile $0.31
Iraq Itpc $0.21
Iraq Korektel Mobile $0.31
Iraq Mobile $0.33
Iraq Other $0.16
Iraq Sulaimaniya $0.10
Iraq Wll $0.06
Iraq Zain Mobile $0.35


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Ireland 02 Mobile $0.10
Ireland H3g Mobile $0.12
Ireland Meteor Mobile $0.11
Ireland Mobile $0.45
Ireland Non Geographic $0.21
Ireland Other $0.01
Ireland Vodafone Mobile $0.08


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Israel Mobile $0.04
Israel Other $0.02
Israel Palestine $0.26
Israel Palestine Mobile $0.31


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Italy H3g Mobile $0.16
Italy Mobile $0.67
Italy Other $0.02
Italy Tim Mobile $0.14
Italy Vodafone Mobile $0.14
Italy Wind Mobile $0.14


from $0.14/minute See all rates
Jamaica Digicel Mobile $0.37
Jamaica Mobile $0.35
Jamaica Oceanic Mobile $0.38
Jamaica Other $0.14


from $0.05/minute See all rates
Japan Ip Phone $0.08
Japan Military $0.07
Japan Mobile $0.16
Japan Other $0.05
Japan Tokyo $0.05


from $0.16/minute See all rates
Jordan Amman $0.16
Jordan Fastlink Mobile $0.21
Jordan Mobilecom Mobile $0.21
Jordan Other $0.16
Jordan Umniah Mobile $0.21


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Kazakhstan Almaty $0.02
Kazakhstan Astana $0.02
Kazakhstan Karaganda $0.02
Kazakhstan Kartel Mobile $0.15
Kazakhstan Kartel Mobile $0.20
Kazakhstan KCell Mobile $0.20
Kazakhstan KCell Mobile $0.31
Kazakhstan Metros $0.08
Kazakhstan Mobile $0.15
Kazakhstan Other $0.08


from $0.09/minute See all rates
Kenya Airtel Mobile $0.20
Kenya Nairobi $0.13
Kenya Orange Mobile $0.09
Kenya Other $0.13
Kenya Safaricom Mobile $0.12
Kenya Yu Mobile $0.21


from $0.90/minute See all rates
Kiribati All Country $0.90

Korea (North)

from $0.60/minute See all rates
North Korea Other $0.94
North Korea Special $0.60

Korea (South)

from $0.02/minute See all rates
South Korea Mobile $0.04
South Korea Other $0.02
South Korea Sk Mobile $0.04


from $0.15/minute See all rates
Kuwait Mobile $0.15
Kuwait Other $0.19
Kuwait Zain Mobile $0.18


from $0.11/minute See all rates
Laos All Country $0.11


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Latvia Bite Mobile $0.10
Latvia Lmt Mobile $0.11
Latvia Mobile $1.04
Latvia Other $0.10
Latvia Other 1 $0.03
Latvia Other 2 $0.10
Latvia Radiocoms Mobile $0.88
Latvia Tele2 Mobile $0.11


from $0.19/minute See all rates
Lebanon Mobile $0.36
Lebanon Other $0.19


from $0.23/minute See all rates
Lesotho Econet Mobile $0.36
Lesotho Other $0.30
Lesotho Vodacom Mobile $0.23


from $0.62/minute See all rates
Liberia Cellcom Mobile $0.62
Liberia Comium Mobile $0.69
Liberia Lonestar Mobile $0.64
Liberia Mobile $0.73
Liberia Other $0.69


from $0.35/minute See all rates
Libya Mobile $0.49
Libya Other $0.35


from $0.12/minute See all rates
Liechtenstein Mobile $1.01
Liechtenstein Other $0.12
Liechtenstein Special Services $0.80


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Lithuania Bite Mobile $0.05
Lithuania Mobile $0.07
Lithuania Omnitel Mobile $0.05
Lithuania Other $0.03
Lithuania Personal $1.04
Lithuania Tele2 Mobile $0.05


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Luxembourg Mobile $0.24
Luxembourg Other $0.02
Luxembourg Vox Mobile $0.31


from $0.18/minute See all rates
Macedonia Cosmofone Mobile $0.60
Macedonia Cosmofone Other $0.18
Macedonia Other $0.18
Macedonia Tmobile Mobile $0.60
Macedonia Vip Mobile $0.60


from $0.95/minute See all rates
Madagascar Airtel Mobile $0.98
Madagascar Gulfsat $1.35
Madagascar Madamobil Mobile $0.96
Madagascar Orange Mobile $0.95
Madagascar Other $1.00
Madagascar Telma Mobile $0.97


from $0.12/minute See all rates
Malawi Airtel Mobile $0.21
Malawi Other $0.12
Malawi Tnm Mobile $0.27


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Malaysia Celcom Mobile $0.04
Malaysia Digi Mobile $0.04
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur $0.03
Malaysia Maxis Mobile $0.04
Malaysia Other $0.03
Malaysia Other Mobile $0.04
Malaysia U Mobile $0.04


from $1.12/minute See all rates
Maldives Dhiraagu Fixed $1.32
Maldives Dhiraagu Mobile $1.32
Maldives Intl Premium Services $1.26
Maldives Other $1.18
Maldives Wataniya Fixed $1.18
Maldives Wataniya Mobile $1.12


from $0.34/minute See all rates
Mali Malitel Mobile $0.51
Mali Orange $0.37
Mali Orange Mobile $0.50
Mali Other $0.34


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Malta Go Mobile $0.07
Malta Mobile $0.07
Malta Other $0.02
Malta Vodafone Mobile $0.14

Marshall Islands

from $0.37/minute See all rates
Marshall Islands All Country $0.37


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Martinique Digicel Mobile $0.07
Martinique Mobile $0.11
Martinique Orange Mobile $0.10
Martinique Other $0.03


from $0.68/minute See all rates
Mauritania Chinguitel Mobile $0.70
Mauritania Mattel Mobile $0.69
Mauritania Mauritel Mobile $0.68
Mauritania Other $0.68


from $0.16/minute See all rates
Mauritius Island Emtel Mobile $0.16
Mauritius Island Mtml Mobile $0.16
Mauritius Island Orange Mobile $0.16
Mauritius Island Other $0.16


from $0.13/minute See all rates
Mayotte Mobile $0.14
Mayotte Other $0.13


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Mexico Equal Access $0.02
Mexico Equal Access Mobile $0.06
Mexico Guadalajara $0.01
Mexico Mexico City $0.01
Mexico Mgm Mobile $0.06
Mexico Mobile $0.06
Mexico Monterrey $0.01
Mexico Other $0.01


from $0.21/minute See all rates
Moldova Eventis Mobile $0.37
Moldova Moldcell Mobile $0.40
Moldova Moldtelecom Mobile $0.38
Moldova Orange Mobile $0.35
Moldova Other $0.28
Moldova Personal $1.07
Moldova Transnistria $0.21
Moldova Transnistria Mobile $0.26


from $0.11/minute See all rates
Monaco Mobile $0.55
Monaco Mobile Kosovo/Guinea $0.58
Monaco Other $0.11


from $0.06/minute See all rates
Mongolia Mobile $0.06
Mongolia Other $0.06


from $0.21/minute See all rates
Montenegro Mtel Mobile $0.61
Montenegro Other $0.21
Montenegro Promonte Mobile $0.53
Montenegro Tmobile Mobile $0.55


from $0.33/minute See all rates
Montserrat All Country $0.33


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Morocco Casablanca $0.03
Morocco Fixed Meditel $0.18
Morocco Meditel Mobile $0.62
Morocco Mobile $0.62
Morocco Other $0.03
Morocco Wana Limited Mobility $0.45
Morocco Wana Mobile $0.62


from $0.09/minute See all rates
Mozambique Mcel Mobile $0.17
Mozambique Movitel Mobile $0.15
Mozambique Other $0.09
Mozambique Vodacom Mobile $0.39


from $0.45/minute See all rates
Myanmar Burma All Country $0.45


from $0.08/minute See all rates
Namibia Leo Mobile $0.14
Namibia Mtc Mobile $0.18
Namibia Other $0.08


from $1.34/minute See all rates
Nauru All Country $1.34


from $0.18/minute See all rates
Nepal Kathmandu $0.18
Nepal Other $0.18
Nepal Utl Onnet $0.18


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Netherlands Kpn Mobile $0.07
Netherlands Mobile $0.14
Netherlands Other $0.01
Netherlands Personal Number $0.03
Netherlands Tele2 Mobile $0.08
Netherlands Telfort Mobile $0.07
Netherlands TMobile Mobile $0.07
Netherlands Vodafone Mobile $0.07

Netherlands Antilles

from $0.14/minute See all rates
Netherlands Antilles Bonaire $0.20
Netherlands Antilles Curacao $0.14
Netherlands Antilles Digicel Mobile $0.20
Netherlands Antilles Mobile $0.17
Netherlands Antilles Other $0.19
Netherlands Antilles St Marteens $0.18
Netherlands Antilles St Marteens Ecc Mobile $0.32

New Caledonia

from $0.31/minute See all rates
New Caledonia All Country $0.31

New Zealand

from $0.02/minute See all rates
New Zealand Other $0.02
New Zealand Other Mobile $0.08
New Zealand Vodafone Mobile $0.08


from $0.21/minute See all rates
Nicaragua Mobile $0.41
Nicaragua Other $0.21
Nicaragua Telefonica Mobile $0.45


from $0.11/minute See all rates
Niger Airtel Mobile $0.33
Niger Orange Mobile $0.33
Niger Other $0.33
Niger Sahelcom Mobile $0.33
Niger Spacemob $2.96
Niger Telecel Mobile $0.33
Nigeria Airtel Mobile $0.12
Nigeria Envision Global $0.21
Nigeria Etisalat Mobile $0.12
Nigeria Globacom $0.13
Nigeria Globacom Mobile $0.11
Nigeria Lagos $0.12
Nigeria Mobile $0.14
Nigeria Mobile Mtn $0.11
Nigeria Multilinks $0.12
Nigeria Nitel Mobile $0.18
Nigeria Other $0.15
Nigeria Starcomms $0.12
Nigeria Starcomms Mobile $0.12
Nigeria Visafone $0.12
Nigeria Zoom $0.16


from $2.20/minute See all rates
Niue Island All Country $2.20


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Norway Mobile $0.26
Norway Netcom Mobile $0.07
Norway Other $0.02
Norway Tele2 Mobile $0.07
Norway Telenor Mobile $0.07


from $0.18/minute See all rates
Oman Mobile $0.43
Oman Nawras Mobile $0.41
Oman Other $0.18


from $0.18/minute See all rates
Pakistan Islamabad $0.18
Pakistan Karachi $0.18
Pakistan Lahore $0.18
Pakistan Mobile $0.18
Pakistan Mobilink Mobile $0.18
Pakistan Other $0.18


from $0.41/minute See all rates
Palau All Country $0.41

Palestinian Territory

from $0.26/minute See all rates
Palestine Mobile $0.31
Palestine Other $0.26


from $0.04/minute See all rates
Panama Cable & Wireless Mobile $0.21
Panama Cable Onda $0.05
Panama Cwp $0.05
Panama Digicel Mobile $0.22
Panama Mobile $0.22
Panama Other $0.08
Panama Panama City $0.04
Panama Premium $1.33
Panama Telefonica Mobile $0.20

Papua New Guinea

from $1.04/minute See all rates
Papua New Guinea All Country $1.04


from $0.04/minute See all rates
Paraguay Asuncion $0.06
Paraguay Mobile $0.10
Paraguay Other $0.06
Paraguay Personal Mobile $0.04
Paraguay Tigo Mobile $0.09
Paraguay Vox Mobile $0.19


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Peru America Moviles Mobile $0.13
Peru Lima $0.02
Peru Mobile $0.12
Peru Other $0.02
Peru Rural $0.53


from $0.17/minute See all rates
Philippines Bayantel On Net $0.18
Philippines Digitel Onnet $0.19
Philippines Globe Mobile $0.21
Philippines Manila $0.19
Philippines Mobile $0.27
Philippines On Net Globe $0.17
Philippines Other $0.19
Philippines Smart Mobile $0.25
Philippines SunCellular Mobile $0.21


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Poland Centernet Mobile $0.54
Poland Era Gsm Mobile $0.10
Poland Mobile $0.43
Poland Orange Mobile $0.10
Poland Other $0.03
Poland P4 Mobile $0.06
Poland Plus Gsm Mobile $0.06
Poland Polsat Mobile $0.06
Poland Warsaw $0.03


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Portugal Azores & Madeira $0.02
Portugal Lisbon $0.02
Portugal Mobile Other $0.04
Portugal Olo $0.03
Portugal Optimus Mobile $0.04
Portugal Other $0.02
Portugal Special $0.02
Portugal Tmn Mobile $0.04
Portugal Vodafone Mobile $0.04

Puerto Rico

from $0.02/minute See all rates
Puerto Rico All Country $0.02


from $0.25/minute See all rates
Qatar Mobile $0.31
Qatar Other $0.25
Qatar Vodafone Mobile $0.29


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Reunion Island Mobile $0.09
Reunion Island Other $0.03


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Romania Bucharest $0.02
Romania Cosmote Mobile $0.09
Romania Mobile $0.09
Romania Orange Mobile $0.08
Romania Other $0.02
Romania Romtelecom $0.02
Romania Telemobil Mobile $0.09
Romania Vodafone Mobile $0.08


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Russia Abkhazia $0.26
Russia Beeline Mobile $0.27
Russia Megafon Mobile $0.07
Russia Mobile $0.07
Russia Moscow Central $0.03
Russia Mts Mobile $0.27
Russia Other $0.02
Russia Other Zone 1 $0.03
Russia Other Zone 2 $0.04
Russia Other Zone 3 $0.06
Russia Other Zone 4 $0.08
Russia Rostelecom Mobile $0.08
Russia St Petersburg $0.02


from $0.46/minute See all rates
Rwanda Airtel Mobile $0.49
Rwanda Mtn Mobile $0.46
Rwanda Other $0.54
Rwanda Rwandatel Fixed $0.49
Rwanda Rwandatel Mobile $0.53
Rwanda Tigo Mobile $0.49

Saint Vincent and the Grenadin

from $0.15/minute See all rates
St Vincent & Grenadines Digicel Mobile $0.36
St Vincent & Grenadines Mobile $0.34
St Vincent & Grenadines Other $0.15

San Marino

from $0.07/minute See all rates
San Marino Conf Svc Reg $1.85
San Marino Mobile $0.39
San Marino Other $0.07

Sao Tome and Principe

from $1.11/minute See all rates
Sao Tome & Principe Other $1.48
Sao Tome & Principe Special $1.11

Saudi Arabia

from $0.14/minute See all rates
Saudi Arabia Atheeb $0.14
Saudi Arabia Dhahran $0.14
Saudi Arabia Jeddah $0.14
Saudi Arabia Mobile $0.22
Saudi Arabia Mobily Mobile $0.21
Saudi Arabia Other $0.14
Saudi Arabia Riyadh $0.14
Saudi Arabia Zain Ksa Mobile $0.21


from $0.28/minute See all rates
Senegal Expresso Fixed $0.65
Senegal Expresso Mobile $0.65
Senegal Orange Fixed $0.28
Senegal Orange Mobile $0.53
Senegal Other $0.63
Senegal Tigo Mobile $1.11


from $0.20/minute See all rates
Serbia Ipko Fixnet $0.20
Serbia Kosovo $0.20
Serbia Mts Mobile $0.60
Serbia Orion $0.59
Serbia Other $0.20
Serbia Telenor Mobile $0.60
Serbia Vip Mobile $0.60


from $0.71/minute See all rates
Seychelles Other $0.71
Seychelles Sky $0.80

Sierra Leone

from $0.70/minute See all rates
Sierra Leone Freetown $0.74
Sierra Leone Mobile $0.70
Sierra Leone Other $0.73


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Singapore Mobile $0.02
Singapore Other $0.02


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Slovakia Bratislava $0.03
Slovakia Orange Mobile $0.21
Slovakia Other $0.03
Slovakia Telefonica O2 Mobile $0.22
Slovakia TMobile Mobile $0.19


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Slovenia Alternative Networks A $0.03
Slovenia Alternative Networks B $0.03
Slovenia Ipko Fixnet $0.68
Slovenia Ipko Mobile $0.68
Slovenia Mobitel Mobile $0.10
Slovenia Other $0.03
Slovenia Simobil Mobile $0.10
Slovenia T2 Mobile $0.18
Slovenia Tus Mobile $0.13

Solomon Islands

from $1.60/minute See all rates
Solomon Islands All Country $1.60


from $0.62/minute See all rates
Somalia Asgsm Premium $0.78
Somalia Golis $0.62
Somalia Hormuud $0.68
Somalia Hormuud Mobile $0.68
Somalia Nation Link $0.76
Somalia Other $0.73
Somalia Soltelco $0.92
Somalia Somafone $0.82
Somalia Somtel $0.78
Somalia Stg $0.63
Somalia Telcom $0.66
Somalia Telesom $0.69

South Africa

from $0.04/minute See all rates
South Africa Cape Town $0.04
South Africa Cellc Mobile $0.11
South Africa Johannesburg $0.04
South Africa Mtn Mobile $0.10
South Africa Olo $0.12
South Africa Other $0.04
South Africa Telkom Mobile $0.11
South Africa Vodacom Mobile $0.10


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Spain Canary Islands $0.02
Spain Mobile $0.09
Spain Movistar Mobile $0.08
Spain Orange Mobile $0.08
Spain Other $0.02
Spain Special $0.88
Spain Vodafone Mobile $0.08
Spain Yoigo Mobile $0.09

Sri Lanka

from $0.18/minute See all rates
Sri Lanka Airtel Mobile $0.20
Sri Lanka Celltel Mobile $0.20
Sri Lanka Dbn Dialog $0.19
Sri Lanka Dialog Mobile $0.20
Sri Lanka Hutch Mobile $0.18
Sri Lanka Lanka Bell $0.20
Sri Lanka Mobitel Mobile $0.20
Sri Lanka Other $0.21
Sri Lanka Slt $0.19
Sri Lanka Suntel $0.19

St. Kitts and Nevis

from $0.17/minute See all rates
St Kitts & Nevis Digicel Mobile $0.38
St Kitts & Nevis Mobile $0.34
St Kitts & Nevis Other $0.17

St. Lucia

from $0.11/minute See all rates
St Lucia Digicel Mobile $0.36
St Lucia Mobile $0.31
St Lucia Other $0.11

St. Pierre and Miquelon

from $0.36/minute See all rates
St Pierre & Miquelon Mobile $0.57
St Pierre & Miquelon Other $0.36


from $0.22/minute See all rates
South Sudan Gemtel Mobile $0.49
South Sudan Mtn Mobile $0.34
South Sudan Other $0.67
South Sudan Southtel Mobile $0.67
South Sudan Vivacell Mobile $0.49
South Sudan Zain Mobile $0.41
Sudan Khartoum $0.22
Sudan Mobitel Mobile $0.24
Sudan Mtn Mobile $0.23
Sudan Other $0.22
Sudan Sudatel Mobile $0.22


from $0.21/minute See all rates
Suriname Digicel Mobile $0.32
Suriname Intelsur Mobile $0.28
Suriname Mobile $0.31
Suriname Other $0.21


from $0.08/minute See all rates
Swaziland Mobile $0.26
Swaziland Other $0.08


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Sweden Comviq Mobile $0.05
Sweden H3g Mobile $0.05
Sweden Mobile $0.05
Sweden Other $0.01
Sweden Telenor Mobile $0.05
Sweden Telia Mobile $0.05


from $0.02/minute See all rates
Switzerland Bebbicell Mobile $0.57
Switzerland Mobile $0.71
Switzerland Orange Mobile $0.20
Switzerland Other $0.02
Switzerland Special $0.08
Switzerland Sunrise Mobile $0.19
Switzerland Swisscom Mobile $0.15

Syrian Arab Republic

from $0.17/minute See all rates
Syria Mobile $0.27
Syria Mtn Mobile $0.27
Syria Other $0.17


from $0.03/minute See all rates
Taiwan Cht Mobile $0.17
Taiwan NonCht Mobile $0.17
Taiwan Other $0.03
Taiwan Taipei $0.03


from $0.41/minute See all rates
Tanzania Airtel Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Dares Salaam $0.41
Tanzania Dovetel Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Other $0.41
Tanzania Tigo Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Ttcl Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Vodacom Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Zantel Fixed $0.41
Tanzania Zantel Mobile $0.41
Tanzania Zanzibar $0.41


from $0.05/minute See all rates
Thailand Bangkok $0.05
Thailand Mobile $0.05
Thailand Other $0.05


from $1.51/minute See all rates
East Timor All Country $1.51


from $0.54/minute See all rates
Togo Cellulaire Mobile $0.54
Togo Moov Mobile $0.64
Togo Other $0.54


from $1.98/minute See all rates
Tokelau All Country $1.98


from $0.64/minute See all rates
Tonga All Country $0.64

Trinidad and Tobago

from $0.10/minute See all rates
Trinidad & Tobago Digicel Mobile $0.32
Trinidad & Tobago Mobile $0.30
Trinidad & Tobago Other $0.10


from $0.70/minute See all rates
Tunisia Orange Mobile $0.71
Tunisia Orascom Mobile $0.70
Tunisia Other $0.71
Tunisia Tuntel Mobile $0.70


from $0.06/minute See all rates
Turkey Ankara $0.06
Turkey Avea Mobile $0.22
Turkey Istanbul $0.06
Turkey Metros $0.06
Turkey Mobile $0.78
Turkey North Cyprus $0.08
Turkey North Cyprus Turkcell Mobile $0.24
Turkey North Cyprus Vodafone Mobile $0.25
Turkey Other $0.06
Turkey Special $0.08
Turkey Turkcell Mobile $0.21
Turkey Vodafone Mobile $0.22

Turks and Caicos Islands

from $0.18/minute See all rates
Turks & Caicos Digicel Mobile $0.34
Turks & Caicos Mobile $0.38
Turks & Caicos Other $0.18


from $1.06/minute See all rates
Tuvalu All Country $1.06


from $0.31/minute See all rates
Uganda Airtel Mobile $0.31
Uganda Mobile $0.31
Uganda Mtn Fixed $0.32
Uganda Mtn Mobile $0.32
Uganda Orange Mobile $0.32
Uganda Other $0.32
Uganda Utl Fixed & Mobile $0.33
Uganda Warid Fixed $0.32
Uganda Warid Mobile $0.31


from $0.13/minute See all rates
Ukraine Astelit Mobile $0.19
Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk $0.19
Ukraine Donetsk $0.13
Ukraine Golden Telecom Mobile $0.19
Ukraine Kharkiv $0.13
Ukraine Kiev $0.13
Ukraine Kievstar Mobile $0.20
Ukraine Lviv $0.13
Ukraine Mobile $0.19
Ukraine Odessa $0.13
Ukraine Other $0.13
Ukraine Ukr Telecom Mobile $0.19
Ukraine Umc Mobile $0.19

United Arab Emirates

from $0.26/minute See all rates
United Arab Emirates Du Mobile $0.26
United Arab Emirates Etisalat Mobile $0.26
United Arab Emirates Other $0.26

United Kingdom

from $0.02/minute See all rates
United Kingdom H3g Mobile $0.05
United Kingdom London $0.02
United Kingdom Mobile $0.36
United Kingdom Mobile Pns $0.48
United Kingdom O2 Mobile $0.05
United Kingdom Orange Mobile $0.05
United Kingdom Other $0.02
United Kingdom Special Nts 845 $0.40
United Kingdom Special Nts 870 $0.41
United Kingdom TMobile Mobile $0.05
United Kingdom Uk Wide Non Geographic $0.03
United Kingdom Vodafone Mobile $0.05

United States

from $0.01/minute See all rates
Usa Directory Assistance $1.50
Usa Lata 832 Alaska $0.02
Usa Lata 834 Hawaii $0.03
Usa North America 8xx Term $0.01
Usa Other $0.02


from $0.06/minute See all rates
Uruguay Ancel Mobile $0.24
Uruguay Claro Mobile $0.14
Uruguay Mobile $0.35
Uruguay Montevideo $0.06
Uruguay Movistar Mobile $0.23
Uruguay Other $0.08


from $0.71/minute See all rates
Vanuatu All Country $0.71


from $0.01/minute See all rates
Venezuela Caracas $0.02
Venezuela Digitel Mobile $0.17
Venezuela Mobile $0.49
Venezuela Movilnet Mobile $0.06
Venezuela Movistar Mobile $0.06
Venezuela Other $0.01

Viet Nam

from $0.13/minute See all rates
Vietnam Hanoi $0.13
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City $0.13
Vietnam Mobile $0.13
Vietnam Other $0.13
Vietnam Viettel Mobile $0.13

Virgin Islands (U.K.)

from $0.18/minute See all rates
British Virgin Islands Digicel Mobile $0.36
British Virgin Islands Mobile $0.38
British Virgin Islands Other $0.18

Virgin Islands (U.S.)

from $0.03/minute See all rates
US Virgin Islands All Country $0.03

Western Samoa

from $0.31/minute See all rates
Western Samoa Mobile $0.31
Western Samoa Other $0.76


from $0.24/minute See all rates
Yemen Mobile $0.24
Yemen Mtn Mobile $0.24
Yemen Other $0.24


from $0.11/minute See all rates
Zambia Airtel Mobile $0.21
Zambia Cell Z Mobile $0.22
Zambia Mobile $0.21
Zambia Mtn Mobile $0.19
Zambia Other $0.11


from $0.15/minute See all rates
Zimbabwe Mobile Econet $0.74
Zimbabwe Mobile Telcel $0.66
Zimbabwe Netone Mobile $0.30
Zimbabwe Other $0.15
Zimbabwe Voip $0.16
HT 801

Grandstream HT801 Adapter

  • Ultra-compact size
  • Superb voice quality and rich functionalities
  • Strong security protection

More Details

Connecting VMedia Home Phone

Setup of VMedia home phone is very simple. Unpack your home phone, plug-in power supply and insert batteries. Connect phone base to your modem/router using Ethernet cable supplied with the phone. Wait for a couple minutes. As soon as you see handset number on handset display your phone is ready.

HOME PHONE LINES: VoIP 911 has certain limitations versus traditional 911. In the province of Quebec, a fee of $.46 cents per month is included in the monthly bill for the municipal 9-1-1 tax. All Unlimited Phone Plans do not include calls to the Yukon, Nunavut, N.W.T., Alaska, Hawaii and Independent Rate Centers serving some rural areas. For the full list of unavailable Canadian area codes and prices click here. Unlimited usage is governed by our Fair Usage policy to prevent abuse.