What People are Saying

I am in Canada and I have VMedia. I absolutely love it! The internet is fast.TV is fantastic and reasonably priced for what you get… I can’t honestly think of one complaint.
M.Godin, Facebook
February 14, 2017

Everything is great but in my experience, your kind and efficient service is the difference between VMedia and all of the others.
Mike McCleland, Facebook
December 26, 2016

Thank you VMedia. Your service is awesome. My wife and I love it.
R. Kennedy, Facebook
December 8, 2016

Way to go VMedia, I hope you bring a revolution to this monopoly the empires have going.
E. Mu, Facebook
November 4, 2016

A year in, I'm a satisfied customer who has just upped my speed beginning Nov 1. Keep up the good work!
D. Fleming, Facebook
October13, 2016

TV... picture quality is very very very good. I see no difference from Rogers. Read more.
macintosh doctor
May 27, 2015

Whole new experience VBox brings to TV viewing is amazing. YouTube, surfing, email, radio, Netflix, tons of other apps you can download
macintosh doctor
May 27, 2015

Appreciate your efforts! I know you’re a small group and are literally breaking new ground...
Rash, VMedia Forum
May 27, 2015

VMedia Saved Me! About $60/month... Thank you for giving us an option! Read more.
tnl4ever, DSL Reports
May 27, 2015

Re: VMedia Sales Kiosks in Canada Computers Stores
Awesome news George Burger! This is extremely helpful for potential buyers like me who's not really comfortable with getting things done online and prefer the more traditional P2P method. I'll definitely check out the Kiosks once they are ready, can't wait to switch out of Rogers...
June 24, 2013

Finally UChoose preview! Looks like I'm switching to VMedia TV! Basic + a few channels for wife and kids. 30$ per month for cable sounds good. Hope the UChoose options will expand in the future and 7$ for leafstv seems a bit steep but all around much better than the comp. will slash my tv bill by 2/3. Thanks George! VMedia and George really listen to the people keep up the good work and let's have some more choice in this country.
June 21, 2013

We (Danforth/East York area) just switched from Rogers and had almost no issues at all. Plug in the new modem, get the new router going, and boot up the Vbox (which takes a while, but we just leave it on). Picture quality is good, the price is right, and the customer service has been excellent. Only issue is we've been having some Netflix hiccups, but we're on wireless so might have to change that over. XBMC is great, just have to make sure to exit out of it. Only feature request I have would be something to control it from an Android device, save having to use a remote control + wireless mouse (for netflix). Still, highly recommend.
Exilelol, RedFlagDeals
June 17, 2013

I am a VMedia customer and I just want to say Thank You. I run a creative/tech agency (www.barkcommunications.com) and get asked all the time who I recommend for internet. I have passed your name on to quite a few people already and will continue to do so. I used to say TekSavvy; now I say VMedia. Keep up the great work.
Ray Majoran, CEO
Bark Communications
May 29, 2013

Vmedia services started yesterday may 5th. Signed up for basic TV and 45/4. TV works like a charm, easy setup right out of the box. Not sure of speed yet as I didn't have time to play around. Switched from rogers, I now have no services with rogers or bell... freedom. So far so good, thanks George.
DSL Reports
May 5, 2013

Tech support was great. He figured it might be a faulty power cord, which it was, and within 24hrs, we had a new modem shipped to us. Everything is now working good.
Galad, RedFlagDeals
May 1, 2013

Hey all. I just test drove vmedia iptv and i can say it is very comparable to bell fibetv. The vmedia box is actually a joy to use. much better STB then your standard one we have available now that is for sure. As for performance there was a small 1 second stutter i noticed when i was watching a show. But i think if i have qos turned on in the router that should alleviate things. Anyways the product works as advertised and the stb is better then they say it is believe it or not. Thumbs up to vmedia!
April 14, 2013