My experience with VMedia switch over :)

So a little while ago I posted I was at my wits end with rogers hosing me also not willing to match prices.

Recently I came across VMedia: Cable TV & Internet Service Provider Toronto/Ontario, IPTV & Home Phone Providers in Canada - promising unlimited, contract free tv and internet services. [pick and choose what you want to watch service]

I signed up with the Premium TV services - plus a few extra packages, 45/4 cable net. They also offer DSL fibre services.

It was painless. I went to Canada Computers bought 2 vBoxes and 1 thomson 476 modem. Bonus alert: if you buy vBoxes from CC they give you 2 free months of TV services.

After I bought the equipment I cancelled with rogers first. received my end date and cancellation - went over to the v media portal and signed up... painless... $20 CRTC fee to switch [odd] but i guess everyone wants their pound of flesh.

Now the service review: it is amazing. Picture quality is very very very good. I see no difference from Rogers. The HD channels are clean. There are a few channels that broadcast in SD - which is no big deal - weather network.‎

The whole new experience the VBox brings to viewing is amazing. YouTube, surfing, email, radio, tons of other apps you can download: angry birds and Facebook too. ALL WIRELESS - NO WIRES - CLEAN hidden.

I love the remote they give you easy, not confusing, very minimal compared to rogers and clean lay out.

The switch over from rogers internet to VMedia internet was easy. On the day of the hand over - I simply replaced the modems and kept going. During the switch, days leading up to the switch VMedia sent many communications emails to keep us up to date. [that’s great customer service].

Also really like the interface for the vbox - it is fast and very quick compared to rogers VOD which was slow and painful. [not to mention rogers never had any current titles.]

macintosh doctor
March, 2014