Best Affordable TV & Internet Bundles in Canada

Best Affordable TV & Internet Bundles in Canada

Canadians love watching TV and surfing the internet, but some trends are changing in the 21st century.

The average Canadian citizen watches about 30 hours of TV per week. However, some industry experts believe that less than half of Canadian households will have cable or pay-TV subscriptions in 2022.

Less than 20% of Canada is inhabited, and it is challenging to provide quality TV and internet services in remote and rural areas.

However, several TV and internet providers are doing their best to offer subscribers affordable TV and internet bundles.

So, let examine these TV and internet bundling packages, starting with VMedia of course. and see what quality features they offer Canadians.


VMedia is a prominent Canadian communication, internet, and broadcast company fully licensed by the CRTC. VMedia’s domestic operations are headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

And VMedia is renowned for affordably bundling conventional and specialty TV services with reliably fast internet services. VMedia offers internet, home phone, and TV services throughout Canada and in remote and rural areas as well.

Free modem rental is available to VMedia subscribers without any commitment to long-term contracts, a VMedia service standard. And VMedia’s TV and Internet bundle packages are arguably the most comprehensive and affordable in all of Canada.

VMedia’s TV and internet bundling services are affordable and don’t require long-term contracts. Subscribers can ask to bundle their internet and TV and save up to C$165 relative to similar services. VMedia allows you to bundle your package on your terms.

You will find the most affordable and quality TV and internet bundling services at VMedia. Check out our rates today and compare them for yourself.

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Telus is an internet and TV provider that offers services primarily in the Western provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Telus offers reliable and fast internet speed connections of up to 1Gps.

The company’s TV and internet bundling options significantly reduce subscription costs for everyday Canadians.

The largest mobility LTE network in Canada belongs to Telus. LTE is shorthand for “Long Term Evolution.” And Long Term Evolution is another term for the 4th generation of broadband wireless technology, also known as 4G. 

LTE is the new generation technological standard for smartphones, data terminals, mobile devices, and communication in general.

LTE technology utilizes radio waves instead of microwaves, offering customers more comprehensive service coverage and better service penetration, especially in remote areas.

And while Telus is not the only provider with such technology, it is undoubtedly the largest.

The internet service offered by Telus, the high-speed PureFibre fiber-optic network, is arguably the fastest available in Canada. 

Telus’ 1.5 Gigabit internet plan offers impressive download speeds. And for Canadians living in remote areas, Telus offers a Rural Internet plan with wireless download speeds that go up to 25Mps.

However, the monthly data cap is 1.0 terabytes.

Unfortunately, Telus relatively has some of the most expensive subscription costs in Canada. Still, Telus does not charge a fee for data overages.

Additionally, you can save more money with Telus by bundling your TV and internet into one of three packages.

Telus’ TV and internet bundle packages come with a 24-month contract term.

Best Affordable TV & Internet Bundles in Canada

Telus TV and Internet Bundling Options

The “Essentials Bundle” is Telus’ cheapest TV and internet package at C$95 monthly with a savings of C$35 per month.

The Essentials Bundle offers over 36 channels, including CTV and Global BC.

The internet service offers speeds up to 75 Mbps for anywhere between four to six devices for gaming and streaming.

Telus’ “Premium Bundle” costs C$133 per month with a savings of over C$55 monthly. Along with some basic channels, subscribers can choose up to four-channel theme packs, including Sportsnet and

Amazon Prime. Subscribers can also choose a premium pack, either Crave or Netflix.

The Premium Bundle’s internet service speed is 300 Mbs and can service anywhere between seven to 15 gaming or streaming devices.

Telus’ “Ultimate Bundle” is C$162 per month with a monthly savings of C$56. This bundle comes with basic channels and seven popular channel theme packs, including Food Network and Hayu.

Subscribers can also choose a premium pack, either Crave or Netflix.

The Ultimate Bundle’s internet service speed is 940Mbs and can service anywhere between over 20 gaming and streaming devices.

Telus will mitigate the costs of these bundles with a C$200 bill credit, including taxes if you subscribe to the service online.

Bell Communications

Bell Communications, which offers TV and internet bundle packages and services mainly in Central Canada, offers many plans, comprehensive service coverage, and multiple bundling options.

Bell Communications also offers the most comprehensive coverage for wireless home internet service in Quebec and Ontario’s remote and rural regions. And the company is known for providing reliably uninterrupted home office internet connectivity for remote workers.

Bell Communications high speed, Bell Fibe internet service plans are available from 10 Mbs to 1.5 Gbps. And these internet plans also include McAfee internet security protection and Wi-Fi. 

And Bell Communications package plans for wireless home internet feature coverage provided by the Bell Mobility LTE network. Bell’s LTE network can provide subscribers with internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps and over 350GB of data per month.

Bell Communications TV and Internet Bundling Options

Bell Communications has four TV and internet bundling packages. All online orders feature no installation fees for 24-month package contracts. These plans also feature unlimited data usage relative to the bundle package.

The “Starter” TV and internet bundling package, also known as Fibe 50, features a 30+ channel TV package. The internet speed is 50 Mbps with an upload speed of 10 Mbs. It costs C$124.90 monthly.

Bell Communications’ “Good” TV and internet bundling package is the same as the starter package except for the addition of about ten extra channels. It costs C$134.90 monthly.

The “Better” TV and internet bundling package, or Fibe 500, features an 80-channel TV and 21-radio channel package.

And the internet download and upload speed is 500 Mbs. It costs C$149.90 per month.

The “Best” TV and internet bundling package offered by Bell Communications, also known as Gigabit Fibe, is similar to the Better package. But the TV package offers 4K clarity programming. 

And the internet downloading speed is 1 Gbs while the upload speed is 750 Mbps. It costsC$179.90 monthly.

Bell Communications also allows subscribers to build their own bundle at relatively competitive prices.

Best Affordable TV & Internet Bundles in Canada


Comwave is a regional TV and Internet service provider based out of Ontario that offers comparatively affordable subscription bundling rates for Canadian subscribers.

Comwave offers five TV and internet bundling packages but prominently showcases three of the most affordable bundling packages on its website.

Each bundle package features baseline services of 90+ TV channels, free installation services, a free home phone, and hardwired line, Caller ID block features, unlimited local calling privileges, and a free Wi-Fi modem with unlimited internet services.

The Power Bundle costs C$89.95 per month. It comes with 90 TV channels and the Internet 30 plan.

The Internet 30 plan has 30 Mbps download and 2 Mbs upload connectivity speeds.

Comwave’s Double Your Speed TV and Internet bundling plan costs C$99.95 monthly. 

It comes with 90 TV channels and the Internet 75 plan.

And it features 75 Mbps download and 10 Mbs upload connectivity speeds.

The Ultimate Bundle TV and Internet bundling cost C$129.95 per month.

It comes with 110 TV channels and the Internet 150 plan. The Internet 150 plan has 150 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload connectivity speeds.

Comwave’s next two bundle plans cost C$139.95 and C$149.95, respectively.

If you need the most affordable and quality TV and internet bundling service in Canada, then check out VMedia today.

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