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Comparing 4g vs 5g on iphone

4G vs 5G: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to mobile internet, most companies offer two types of connections: 4G and 5G. Both connections let you access the internet on your phone or cellular-enabled tablet, but they work in different ways and offer unique benefits. Let's examine these types of mobile internet connections to help you better understand how your cell [...]

Searching how much is internet per month online

How Much Is Internet Per Month? Averages Explained

High-speed internet was a luxury, but with more people working from home, streaming movies, and listening to music online daily, it’s rapidly becoming a necessity. Unfortunately, prices for high-speed internet can range from ultra-affordable to incredibly expensive, depending on where you live and the internet service provider you choose to partner with. To better help [...]

Searching is 100 mbps fast internet speed online

Is 100 Mbps Fast Internet Speed?

When figuring out how much you'll spend on the internet, you'll quickly discover that the price goes up based on the speed you choose. The faster the connection speed is, the more expensive the plan will be. However, for many users, you can likely get away with a plan that offers speeds of up to [...]

What is DSL internet

What Is DSL Internet? Service and Connection Guide

You can choose from several types of internet connections when switching to a new plan. Each connection type works differently and provides distinct benefits and drawbacks. Before selecting the right connection type for your home and your internet-use style, you must fully understand your options. One of the most affordable connection types on the market [...]

How to log into router

How to Login to Your Router and Change Wi-Fi Settings

If you’re like most people, you’re connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network at every moment you’re online at home. To get the most out of your network, you’ll want to learn how to login to your router and change your Wi-Fi router login settings. This will let you change the password and more.  This article [...]

What is a hotspot

What Is a Hotspot? Wi-Fi Hotspot Definition & Examples

Imagine you’re away from home and can’t connect to your home internet network, but you want to check your email. Or you’re waiting somewhere and want to watch a video to pass the time. Will you use your mobile data to do this? Many people wouldn’t want to.  If you’re in these circumstances, you might [...]

A person looking frustrated while checking their internet download speed

What Is a Good Download and Upload Speed?

Have you ever waited 5 minutes to watch a 2 minute YouTube video? Most people have experienced slow internet and know that they don’t want to experience it again. Slow internet even has the potential to double stress levels, which is genuinely bad for your health.  The best way to avoid dealing with slow internet [...]

Laptop with gallery view of a video call with a mug

What Internet Speed Do I Need for Zoom?

The pandemic made video calls so necessary that the number of internet users who make online voice and video calls rose in 2020 compared to 2018. Among the video platforms that made this shift possible, Zoom stands out the most as it is the most widely used. If you need to participate in calls, you [...]

Woman smiling while on her laptop in the kitchen

What is a Good Internet Speed? Beginner’s Guide

Back in 2012, the average webpage size was 803 KB. Now, it is nearly three times that size. This means that your computer needs to load more data and information every time you view something online than it ever did in the past. To do this, you need good internet speeds.  However, what is a [...]

An angry man shaking his laptop

Slow Internet Driving You Crazy? Try These 7 Solutions

We know how annoying it can be when your internet is running at a snail's pace and you can't get anything done. If you’re dealing with these frustrating issues, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to teach you some tricks to help speed up your connection, so you can get back to browsing [...]