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A street in the city of Quebec, Canada.

5 Best Internet Providers in Quebec Canada

What is Good Internet Service? Availability, Speed, Quality customer service, reliability of connection, and affordability are critical for quality internet providers. These five things come to mind when looking for a new internet service provider. For most businesses and people at home, internet access can be just as important as any other utility you pay [...]

Canadians were left without Rogers service in July

Rogers Outage: How a Network Upgrade Affected Millions

There are three dominant telecom firms in Canada, with Rogers at the top of the list. A massive network outage at Rogers forced more than 10 million customers, a quarter of Canada's population, to be without wireless or internet services in early July. As a result of the outages, the government and customers want an [...]

A laptop open to the internet.

5 Best Internet Providers in Alberta Canada

Many internet providers offer high-speed quality to Alberta, Canada, and all over the country. It is crucial first to find what you are looking for in an internet service before choosing the best provider for you and a plan that will suit your specific needs at a fair price you can afford.  Depending on your [...]

man on laptop trying to connect during an Internet outage

What to Do During an Internet Outage

Have you been caught in an Internet outage and didn’t know what to do? Internet outages can be severe disruptions that affect your job or business. Unfortunately, these outages are only increasing as Internet demands increase and bad actors continue to attack the infrastructure. While getting outside and enjoying some Vitamin D is an excellent solution for [...]

A woman working on her laptop with a calendar and a cup of tea.

5 Best Internet Providers in Ontario, Canada

The internet is an essential tool for those operating in the modern world. It provides access to a constant flow of important information and entertainment, allows us to communicate with family and friends through easy-to-navigate social media platforms, and serves as a critical gateway for many people’s education and careers. Because the internet is so [...]

Searching Best Internet Providers in Mississauga Canada

5 Best Internet Providers in Mississauga, Canada

There are various internet providers in Mississauga; however, there are five that stand out by offering high speeds, reliable service, and affordable prices. Whether you need the speed and reliability to work from home, stream your favorite shows, play your favorite games, or browse the web, choosing the right Mississauga internet provider is crucial. Related: [...]

5 Best Internet Providers in Ottawa, CA

While Ottawa is home to various high-speed internet providers, some stand out by providing reliable service at an affordable price — and great customer support teams back up that service. Whether you’re working from home, an avid streamer, a competitive gamer, or simply use the web to browse your favorite content, having a fast, reliable [...]

Searching best internet providers Toronto, CA

5 Best Internet Providers in Toronto, Canada

Wherever you live, there’s a good chance that the internet plays a significant role in your life, impacting everything from your entertainment and social connections to your education and career. Because the internet plays such a vital role in people’s lives across the planet, it’s essential that everyone has the chance to partner with a [...]

Various streaming services on a TV

Best Internet Plans for Streaming TV Shows and Movies

We’re fortunate to have many high-speed internet providers to choose from in Canada, but finding the fastest, most reliable plans can be a bit of a challenge -  and is especially important for those of us who love streaming our favorite shows and movies day after day. That’s why we want to discuss the top [...]

high end online gaming rigs require high speed Internet plans

Best Internet Plans for Gamers: Get the Speed You Need

Online games are growing in sophistication and complexity, requiring online gamers to have higher Internet speeds to play these trending games. Many independent internet providers live VMedia are catering their unlimited plans and high speed internet plans to accommodate online gamers by providing faster speeds and lower latency. We’ll list the best Internet Plans for [...]