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How To Switch Internet Providers: Simple & Easy Guide

In Canada, there are so many internet providers vying for your business. In some cases, you are already with the provider but not happy with the services. For others, the plans’ costs are too much for their budgets. Whatever your reason, there is a simple and easy way to make the jump to another provider. With this guide, we can help you evaluate the various options, determine your needs, and check out all the details of your contract.

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What Do You Want Out of Your Internet Service?

Why do you want to change your internet service provider? Do you want improved reliability, lower prices, faster speeds, or all above? Casual web browsing and social media do not require fast internet speeds. You could get a plan with speeds of 25 Mbps to meet your browsing needs. But if you want to stream HD videos or play online gaming, you should choose a service with rates around 50 to 100 Mbps at the minimum.

Consider the devices in your home or business. If you have several users who all want to stream HD video simultaneously, you need a fast connection. Think about a plan with 150 to 200 Mbps.

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How To Switch Internet Providers: Simple & Easy Guide

Talk To Your Current ISP

If you are not happy with your internet service, speak to the customer service department from your ISP. You might be able to resolve your problems with a quick phone call. Some companies might offer you a discount or let you change to a plan that suits your needs.

Just make sure you understand what will happen when you cancel the service. In some cases, when you switch providers, you might pay an early termination fee.

Some email addresses are connected through the internet service provider. Plan to have your email forwarded to the new address or let your contact know that you have a new email.

Research Your Internet Options 

A few internet service providers will only deliver service to a few select regions. If you want to switch, you need to see who offers those services. In some rural parts of Canada, only 45.6% of Canadians have access to the internet. Not many providers service that part of the country.

In the cities, most residents should be able to connect with fiber-optic internet, while cable internet is the option for those in the suburbs. Rural areas are stuck with DSL. Those remote parts of the country might only have access to satellite internet. Before you make the switch, explore all of your internet options for your area.

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Consider the Service and Reputation of Providers

While you might be tempted to find the cheapest deal, that is often not the best choice. Some low-cost internet plans will leave you with spotty connections. You might want to spend a few dollars to get more for your money. It is vital to find a trustworthy provider for your internet.

Search for Ways To Reduce Your Costs

Many providers will entice you with introductory offers. After that period, you may be shocked to find out your bill has skyrocketed. You might want to check out deals for transferring to another provider. With that, you can offset any early termination fees. A few providers could offer to cover your termination fees.

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Test Your Internet Connection

Check your current internet connection speed if you want to switch your provider. You can use a few HD videos to run a few speed tests. With that, you will have a better idea about your current internet connection.

Take that information and find the right provider for your home. Remember that internet connection speeds will vary. A great provider will talk with you and help you choose the right plan for your needs. You should never feel like the company is trying to push a plan on you. As the customer, you can always walk away from the internet provider. Make sure you choose one that provides you with the best customer service and internet performance for your home or business.

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How To Switch Internet Providers: Simple & Easy Guide

Tie Up Loose Ends With the Previous Provider

After finding the best internet provider, it is time to cut ties with the previous one. Before grabbing all of that equipment and dumping it at the office, make sure that the new connection is up and running. Otherwise, you could be without an internet connection. In most cases, you will need to return that old equipment, such as a modem or wireless router. Return everything promptly, or you can face equipment fees.

Think About VMedia

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Ready to Get Started? Call VMEDIA’s toll free number now +1-855-333-8269 to Easily Make the Switch

Final Word on How To Switch Internet Providers

With this guide, you can successfully switch internet providers. If you are not happy with your current ISP, see if they can offer you a better deal. If not, take this time to evaluate a new provider with a stellar reputation for customer service and performance. Switching your internet service provider is easy. You just need to determine your needs and find a plan to fit your budget. 

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