Options Menu

Selecting the options menu will invoke a panel on the right side of your display which allows you to adjust TV Guide, Parental Control, Closed Captioning, and Descriptive Video preferences.

Show in TV Guide:
Channels: All TV channels, My Channels - just the TV channels you are currently subscribed for, and Favourite Channels.
Genres: TV channels organized by genres.

Parental Control:
You can choose both the maximum rating and the length of time for the limitation to remain in place.

If you choose G, only G-rated shows will be shown, if you choose PG-13, only G and PG-13 rated shows will be shown. The time selection allows you to suspend the control for one, two or four hours.

Once you have made your selections, you can engage them by entering your pin number on the pop up screen. Your TV PIN is available via your My Account at www.vmedia.ca.

Descriptive Video:
Turn Described Video on or off during playback.

Closed Captions:
Turn Close Captions on or off during playback.