Recording TV

VMedia offers two great platforms for recording TV: VCloud TV and PVR, so you never miss your favourite shows.


In addition to VCloud TV, we have "client-side" PVR when you want to record a show that it not on a VCloud channel, or if you want to have access to the content for longer than 7 days. Our PVR allows you to record and save any show, on any subscribed channel, to an SD card or USB drive and then watch it at your convenience.

With PVR, you can record two shows concurrently while also watching TV, or you can set up a recording for a show playing in the future. You may record and store as much TV content as the storage device you are using will allow.

To record a show with PVR:

Click on the future airing of the show in the TV Guide by hitting the Red button on your remote. It will set "R" marker on a program to be recorded.

If you want to cancel a recording, press the red button a second time.
Once you have recorded a show, the play icon will be visible in the TV guide.


To watch a show from your PVR recordings, go to My TV in the Main Menu. Here, you will see all the content that has been recorded and saved on your external storage device.