Watch live TV, on demand and all your favourite streaming content with the VBoxMax, our advanced set top box and media player, powered by Android TV 9.0.

VMedia TV with Android TV
VMedia TV with Android TV
VMedia TV with Android TV

VMedia TV with Android TV

The VBoxMax runs on Android TV 9.0, Google’s operating system specifically designed for televisions and streaming.
Easy to use, fast, quick access to apps in Google Play, and Google Assistant enabled.

Google Assistant on VBoxMax

Get all the great features and benefits of Google Assistant with your VBoxMax. You can ask, "What’s the weather today?" or "What on my calendar next Monday?" A virtual assistant at your fingertips.
Hey Google, what’s the weather?
Never miss your favourite shows

Never miss your favourite shows

VMedia’s PVR and VCloud platforms means you never have to miss your favourite shows. With VMedia’s innovative VCloud channels, you can scroll back up to 7 days in your TV Guide and watch your favourite shows instantly. VCloud enabled channels include major Canadian and US networks; CTV, Global, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS and more. See more.

All the VOD you want

Watch all the episodes you missed and check out the latest, new series. Over 15,000 hours of binge-worthy content with acclaimed shows and great movies from Crave, HBO, CTV, TSN, History, HGTV, Food, Disney, Family, Showcase, Super Ecran and more.
On-Demand Channels

Access your favourite apps on your TV

Enjoy all your favourite apps on the big screen: YouTube, Google Play, Spotify, movies, games, music, and much more.
Prepare to be entertained.
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