high end online gaming rigs require high speed Internet plans

Best Internet Plans for Gamers: Get the Speed You Need

Online games are growing in sophistication and complexity, requiring online gamers to have higher Internet speeds to play these trending games. Many independent internet providers live VMedia are catering their unlimited plans and high speed internet plans to accommodate online gamers by providing faster speeds and lower latency. We’ll list the best Internet Plans for gamers who live in Canada.


Monthly Cost: $34.95+

Connection Type: DSL, Cable, FTTN

Download Speed: up to 1 Gbps

Bundles: Internet, TV, Home Phone, Home Security

VMedia is one of the best Internet service providers for gamers in Canada. They offer a wide variety of plans that cater to gamer needs like speed and ping rate. VMedia plans feature unlimited usage and upload speeds that range from 1 Mbps – 30 Mbps. And the download speeds range from 25 Mbps – 1024 Mbps.

VMedia Inc. is Canada’s leading independent provider of residential telecom and broadcasting services, serving a growing customer base of Canadian households coast to coast. VMedia was also the first to offer all unlimited internet plans without any data caps since its  launch in 2013.

VMedia’s value proposition of lower prices, unlimited usage, no contracts, innovative features and excellent customer service continues to drive our growth as more and more Canadians discover the VMedia advantage.

VMedia plans are very competitively priced, offering some of the best high-speed Internet at fantastic pricing. The plans are ideal for 1-5 users and include no-term contracts. You can easily compare their plan terms to find the best plan for your gaming needs.

VMedia is also committed to low pricing going forward and fighting for competition in the marketplace to ensure that Canadians have the benefit of fair pricing, in particular   internet, which is now a utility and essential to every household.  

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Bell Canada

Monthly Cost: $59.95+

Connection Type: DSL, Fiber Optic

Download Speed: up to 3 Gbps

Bundles: Cable TV, Phone

Bell won PC Mag’s Best Gaming ISP in Canada 2022 because of its high download speeds, ability to service rural areas, and low latency and jitters. For a larger ISP, this was exceptionally reputable, although PC Mag notes that some smaller ISPs are better for gaming in their dedicated areas. Bell just had better reach to more rural areas, making it a great overall alternative.

Unfortunately, if you want the higher download speeds, you’re going to pay for it. Their 1.5 Gbps plan starts at $124 a month. But their plans are unlimited and include a WiFi 6 hub.


Monthly Cost: $75+

Connection Type: DSL, Fiber

Download Speed: Up to 1.5 Gbps

Bundles: Cable TV

Telus is another reputable Internet provider that offers some of the fastest network rates in Canada. Telus had a great rating from PC Mag for gaming capability, offering up to 1,500 Mbps download speeds and 940 Mbps upload speeds.

Unfortunately, you’re going to pay for those faster speeds. Telus Internet plans are more expensive but offer top speeds, the ability to handle 20+ devices, and fast WiFi. And all their plans require a two-year contract.

Cogeco Internet

Monthly Cost:  

Connection Type: Fiber

Download Speed: up to 1 Gbps

Bundles: Cable TV, Phone

A traditional telecommunications company, Cogeco has bolstered its Internet services to attract niche customers like gamers. Their better Internet plans offer up to 1 Gbps, which is necessary for gaming capability.  

While you need to contact them for their pricing because it varies depending on location, Cogeco does offer a couple of Internet plans specifically designed for online gamers called the Ultrafibre 360 Unlimited and UltraFibre 180 Unlimited.

Primus Internet Services

Monthly Cost: $34.95+

Connection Type: DSL, Fiber

Download Speed: Up to 1 Gbps

Bundles: Phone, Long Distance

Primus Internet Services offers Internet plans for homes, businesses, and wholesalers. Their home plans for gamers offer unlimited service with download speeds up to 1 Gbps. But this is dependent on your area and availability.

What makes Primus unique is its business Internet and hosting plans that cater to professional gamers who need more services for their business. They have a range of business-grade Internet plans and offer dedicated Internet services.  

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online gamer using a high speed Internet plan to playWhat’s the Best Internet Speed for Online Gaming?

Online gaming is extremely demanding on your Internet connection. You need fast download and upload speeds and low latency. The higher the speed, the better. But at a minimum, you’ll want:

  • 25 Mbps download speed
  • 5 Mbps upload speed
  • Latency < 50 milliseconds

Gamers who game professionally or play download-heavy games will want to bump their download speeds up to around 200 Mbps to ensure their ping rate won’t crush their gameplay. You’ll also want to up your Internet speed if you have multiple gamers in your household.

How to Set Up Internet Service for Online Gaming

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up Internet service for optimal online gaming:

  1. Pick an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In Canada, we would recommend choosing a larger ISP for rural areas for better ping rates. You’ll get better pricing from local ISPs for the same speed and ping rate for metro areas.
  2. Select a plan that is best for your gaming needs and the number of users in your household. You’ll want to ensure that the plan has high speeds and low latency.
  3. Get additional equipment to increase your speed. Some ISPs provide this equipment as part of their plan, while others rent or charge an additional fee. Check your plan to see what they offer. You may need a gaming router, cable, splitters, modem, etc.
  4. Install the equipment and set up WiFi. Your ISP will generally install the equipment for you. But you may need to install a modem or other equipment depending on your location.

multiple online gamers requires higher Internet speeds to playHow to Increase Your Internet Speed for Gaming

There are a few tips and tricks for improving your Internet speed for online gaming:

  • Run a speed test. Using an Internet speed test app lets you see if you are getting the speeds you are paying for. Test during peak times and low usage times.
  • Connect directly to your Internet modem or cable instead of using WiFi. Connecting your gaming console or computer directly to your Internet modem will get lower latency than running over WiFi.
  • Reduce devices running on the network simultaneously. The more devices you have running on your Internet connection, the slower your speed will be. When gaming, you should limit the number of devices on your network.
  • Reboot, update, and replace equipment. Ensure that your equipment is current on software updates and replace outdated equipment. If your network seems a little sluggish, you can always reboot your modem and router.
  • Optimize your WiFi connection by placing the router in an open area. By picking an unobstructed area near your gaming devices, your WiFi will have a stronger signal for better latency.

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