VMedia TV Launches Remote App.

TV Remote

Use Your Tablet as Your TV Remote!

VMedia TV announces the launch of its new TV remote control app! Our remote app allows you to control your VBox through any android tablet. Lots of cool features provide a very convenient way to search, select, and launch any TV, VOD or VCloud TV show. Just download the app from Google play or BlackBerry World, and enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “VMedia TV Launches Remote App.

  1. Qamar Jawaid

    My VBOX is connected to the router via power-line Adaptor and the tablet is connected to the same router via wifi. The Remote finds the VBOX to be offline. How do I resolve this?

  2. Ken Henderson

    Downloaded the app on my android phone and it does as advertised. Just a few GUI glitches like text wrapping. Why not let me stream the channel? Down the road maybe?

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