Hey Everyone – Free VMedia TV Trial!

VMedia TV

Yes – you can now try VMedia TV and all our cool features FREE for one entire month!

We want you to experience all the great features and benefits of VMedia TV, so we are offering a one month FREE TRIAL on any of our ‘starter’ TV packages.

That’s right. Try one of our three ‘starter’ TV packages – TheSkinny, Basic or our most popular, Premium Basic – and you can test our great VBox set top box and media player for one month on us! All your favourite TV channels, our unique Anytime TV feature and access to Netflix, YouTube, and hundreds of apps on your TV, and more. A whole new way of watching!

If you are not satisfied, and you return the VBox to us within 30 days, we will refund all your TV – related costs.

As an IPTV provider, you will need VMedia’s Internet service in order to get VMedia’s advanced TV/Apps platform – and the good news is VMedia has great internet plans at low prices with no contracts and no limits.

There has never been a better time to find out why VMedia is a whole new way of watching!
You can see for yourself why VMedia is Canada’s best value and most innovative TV service offering.

Choice and Flexibility

Lowest Prices, More Choice and Flexibility

TV packages with the best set of channels for the best price.

‘Build your own’ channel lineup with over 20 theme packs – Kids, Sports, Lifestyle, Knowledge and more.

Select from over 70 individual channels in our UChoose store for as low as $1.50 per channel.

Great TV Features

The VBox powers all your favourite TV channels, VOD, PVR, our unique VCloud TV and more.

VCloud TV – Scroll back and watch any program on 25 channels broadcasted within the past week.

PVR – No storage limits, use your own USB drive.

Apps on Your TV
Your TV

Apps on Your TV

World of apps on the big TV screen.

Netflix, YouTube, Movies, Music, Games, Social, Browser and more.

Turns your TV into a ‘Smart’ TV.

Try VMedia TV today – a whole new way of watching!

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5 thoughts on “Hey Everyone – Free VMedia TV Trial!

  1. Boby Ho

    I was so excited until I got to the last page where it asked me to pick an Internet service… I currently have Rogers Internet and are happy with it. I do not want to change internet package. I just want your TV package to work over my existing internet connection. Why cant i do that?

  2. SH_VMedia

    Hi there – yes you do need to have VMedia Internet
    in order to get VMedia’s TV service. Our channel providers require that because
    they want to ensure that their content is protected so it has to go over
    VMedia’s internet service. The good news is VMedia has great internet plans with
    no data limits and no contracts – and it is not big deal to switch – especially
    from Rogers.

  3. Lee Bannister

    Having Vmedia internet is going to kill how far this free trial will spread. Is there a way to log into a computer with the service, like a remote desktop, so that we can poke around and try it out? I am more interested in the channels offered, if they are available in Calgary where I live, and how stable the service is (since I have heard some TO people having trouble). I really want to try this out, but I am not going to be switching internet providers for a free trial…maybe if the free trial becomes permanent, then maybe I will switch over then.

  4. Jeff

    Their Internet has a management software. I do not recommend the Internet at all. We cant do anything with our Internet between 6pm and 1am it’s stupid crazy slow

  5. Patience Omoragbon

    Complete rubbish. The more channels you ask for, the sneakier they get. They’ll give you multiple channels of the same station. Example… CitytvToronto, citytv Montreal, citytv Alberta, citytv london. And not just citytv, but many other news stations. How much news do they expect us to watch? I asked the online chat and he rudely ended the chat.

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