The VBox® Just Got Better!

VMedia Launches Firmware Upgrades!

The VBox® Just Got Better!

For the last nine months since the soft launch of VMedia’s TV and Internet service we have been in constant development mode, working on new features, improving existing ones and generally focusing on providing a great VMedia experience.

We are – at last – in the position to rollout the first in a series of features and enhancements that will further establish VMedia as not only great value, and choice and flexibility in TV selections, but as a leading innovator as well.

On March 4 we will be pushing out a firmware update to your VBox to provide some appealing improvements to our existing TV services. The update should engage automatically but if it does not, then just unplug the power and reboot.

The more noticeable improvements include:

Last channel, or “back” button.

Seems so simple but not when you are building your own Remote software. Now you can flip back and forth between your favourite shows without missing a beat. AND not only can you flip between live channels, you can also flip between a live channel and a VOD selection. So you can be watching the latest episode of True Detective(a great show, or what?) on TMN/VOD, and flip to a live hockey game, and back. The VOD pauses at the point where you flipped to the live game, and restarts  when you flip back! Use this magic button:

The VBox® Just Got Better!

Easy and Better Search.

Our Search function has been upgraded. It is quick, easy to enter, and generates a wide selection of autosearches based on the first several letters you enter. The big keyboard reduces letter-fumble when accessed with your remote, and works even better with a wireless mouse at your side. Do your Search and go right to your selected live show or VOD content. Or better still, once you found it add it directly to your “Favourites” list.

The VBox® Just Got Better!

Parental Ratings.

Our TV Channel Guide will show program ratings now, as provided by the channels, to give parents a head’s up on what is being shown. We are using the MPAA ratings system in an effort to streamline the various classification codes, as we find it the most conservative. It will provide parents with the guidance needed to ensure they are able to monitor their children’s viewing choices. In addition, adult content is uniformly blocked and can only be accessed with a pin number.

Better App Access.

The VBox’ defining unique feature – putting apps at your fingertips, right beside your favourite TV channels – just got better. VMedia will no longer be the one choosing which apps our subscribers choose to access. You will! With this upgrade, VMedia subscribers will be able to load apps from Google Play directly onto the VBox for quick installation, and easy access. Just follow the prompts and load up!

The VBox® Just Got Better!

Bookmarking for Custom Viewing.

Our SVOD programs, as well as upcoming transactional(purchased) VOD(TVOD) and PVR, now will have a bookmarking feature allowing you to leave your show and come back to where it left off. Other tweaks for timeshifted viewing include the separation of SVOD from TVOD on the Main Menu. SVOD can now be accessed from the TV horizontal, and TVOD will be accessible from the Video horizontal.

Generally, everything is now in place for a terrific custom-viewing experience, leading up to our launch of our PVR service in March!


Stay tuned!


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