VMedia | DSL & FTTN Home Internet Service Policy

Residential and Business Service Agreement

This Service Agreement sets out specific terms and conditions applicable to VMedia’s DSL/FTTN service (“DSL/FTTN Internet”). This Service Agreement forms part of the Agreement between you and VMedia, which also includes: (1) the Service Terms; (2) any other Service Agreements for other VMedia Services to which you have subscribed; and (3) any other VMedia document describing features, products or services and any other document incorporated by reference.

In the event of an inconsistency between the constituent documents of the Agreement, the inconsistency will be resolved by giving preference first to a Service Agreement(s), then to the Service Terms, then to any other VMedia documentation describing features, products or services and finally to any other documents incorporated by reference.

Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalized terms in the Service Agreement have the meaning assigned to those terms in the Service Terms.

1. How do I accept this Service Agreement?

You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to this Service Agreement by either: (a) placing an order for DSL/FTTN Internet by any means including online, over the phone or in-person; (b) allowing DSL/FTTN Internet to be installed at your premises; or (c) using DSL/FTTN Internet.

If you do not agree to the Service Terms or this Service Agreement, or any other parts of the Agreement, you may not use DSL/FTTN Internet.

2. What is the Order Confirmation Email and how does it fit in to the Agreement?

When you place an order for DSL/FTTN Internet, VMedia will send you an email with information and terms and conditions relating to those services (“Order Confirmation Email”). The Order Confirmation Email provides a summary description of the services and service features that you have ordered and lists the applicable Fees.

Similarly, if you change your DSL/FTTN Internet subscription or add a service feature, we will send you an Order Confirmation Email confirming the change and applicable terms and changes to Fees going forward.

All Order Confirmation Emails for DSL/FTTN Internet that are in effect (i.e. not terminated or superseded by a subsequent Order Confirmation Email) are incorporated into this Service Agreement by reference.

If you discover an error in the information contained in an Order Confirmation Email, please contact VMedia at the coordinates listed in Section 47 of the Service Terms. Otherwise, if you do not agree with the information and / or terms and conditions of an Order Confirmation Email, you may not use DSL/FTTN Internet.

3. What is DSL/FTTN Internet?

It is a wireline broadband service delivered over a traditional copper telephone line. DSL/FTTN Internet is comprised of Internet connectivity and Equipment.

4. Are there any eligibility requirements to receive DSL/FTTN Internet?

Yes. Eligibility for DSL/FTTN Internet depends on several factors, including the availability of suitable facilities. Unfortunately, service eligibility can sometimes take time to assess. Service eligibility can also change from time to time.

5. Where can I find information and pricing for DSL/FTTN Internet?

The Website provides information and pricing for all DSL/FTTN Internet service packages, optional service features and overage fees. The Website also describes the terms of any promotions that may apply to DSL/FTTN Internet.

6. How do I select a DSL/FTTN Internet service package and service features?

With reference to the service information and pricing on the Website, you select your service package and service features when placing an order for DSL/FTTN Internet with VMedia. Your selections will be reflected in the Order Confirmation Email.

7. What Equipment is required to use DSL/FTTN Internet?

DSL/FTTN Internet requires Equipment consisting of a modem and related accessories.

8. Is Equipment leased or purchased?

Subject to availability, Equipment may be leased or purchased at prices available on the Website or, if not available on the Website, at prices quoted by VMedia on request. When ordering DSL/FTTN Internet, you may indicate your preference to either lease or purchase Equipment. If you do not specify a preference, your order will reflect an Equipment leasing arrangement by default.

You may also provision your own modem with VMedia’s pre-approval. Not all modems are compatible with DSL/FTTN Internet. VMedia is not liable for performance or service related issues that arise as a result of using your own hardware.

All Equipment installed or provided by us and not purchased by you remains our property at all times.

From time to time, software updates may be automatically downloaded to, and installed on, the Equipment. These software updates are necessary for the continued and reliable delivery of DSL/FTTN Internet service. By subscribing to DSL/FTTN Internet, you consent to the download and installation of such updates. If you do not agree to the downloading and installation of these software updates, your only remedy is to cancel DSL/FTTN Internet.

When your Services are cancelled, you must return to us all Equipment that you do not own.

9. How do I return Equipment to VMedia if my Services are cancelled?

Equipment must be returned in its original packaging, including all packaging and materials provided by the manufacturer and all accessories and ancillary equipment (e.g. power adapter, remote controls and wires), at your expense. You must use adequate protective packaging (e.g. bubble packaging) when shipping Equipment back to us.

If VMedia does not receive your returned Equipment within thirty (30) days of the date of cancellation, you will be charged the full purchase price of the Equipment minus depreciation, as determined by VMedia.

10. Can VMedia make changes to DSL/FTTN Internet?

Yes. Pursuant to Section 5 of the Service Terms, VMedia may at any time make changes to DSL/FTTN Internet, including pricing changes.

11. Can I change my DSL/FTTN Internet service package or service features?

Yes. You may change your DSL/FTTN Internet service package and request to add, remove or change certain service features by contacting VMedia at the coordinates listed in Section 47 of the Service Terms.

12. What are my responsibilities with respect to DSL/FTTN Internet?

You are responsible for supplying all wiring inside your premises and ensuring that this wiring is in good working condition.

13. Are there any charges relating to technical service calls relating to VMedia TV?

If you are experiencing a service interruption that is attributable to VMedia’s network, defective Equipment or other circumstances that are out of your control, VMedia will not charge to send a technician to your premises.

If, at VMedia’s sole discretion, the cause of your service interruption is fully or partially attributable to:

  • your actions, including damaging or tampering with Equipment;
  • conduct that is contrary to your obligations under the Agreement; or
  • caused by the state of the wiring inside your premises.

VMedia may charge a fee for the deployment of a technician to your premises. The applicable fees are:

  • one hundred ($100) dollars throughout Canada with the exception of Alberta and British Columbia; and
  • two hundred ($200) dollars throughout Alberta and British Columbia.