New TV Rules – Update!


Recently VMedia provided an outline of how our TV packages and offerings would change as we absorb the new rules that the CRTC introduced, effective March 1. Since then VMedia’s competitors have revealed their packaging changes and their skinny basic packages, and there has been quite a bit of coverage in the media.

VMedia is pleased to learn that, at $17.95, VMedia’s pioneering TheSkinny package remains the lowest price and the best value skinny basic package in the market. And note, that great price includes the four major US networks, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, and PBS.

More importantly, in keeping with VMedia’s core mission of providing more choice and flexibility in TV services, at the best prices – we are not trying to hide our skinny basic service, or the many options that let our subscribers assemble the packages they want, based on the channels they watch.

In addition, we have expanded our UChoose store, adding over thirty more channels, including major premium channels like A&E, AMC, CNN and many others. Customizing your TV packages has never been easier!

These added UChoose channels reflect the new wholesale pricing that VMedia has to pay as a result of the new rules. And for those who want only a very few specific channels, then combining them with TheSkinny or Basic may be the solution for you.

However, keep in mind that if you are considering TheSkinny or Basic and 2, 3 or more  UChoose channels  – depending on which channels you are adding  – it may be more worthwhile, a much better value,  to choose our Premium Basic package  instead. Those selected channels are likely included in Premium Basic which comes with thirty of the most popular channels in Canada. As the saying goes – ‘do the math’ and compare your choices with the high-value Premium Basic TV package.

Lots of choices, lots to think about, but whatever way you choose to proceed, VMedia will be there to give you what you want.  So enjoy the new rules!


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2 thoughts on “New TV Rules – Update!

  1. Patrick Fisk

    The change over to daylight savings time went just great. With the service still some minor issues however, continual improvement. Wish I was able to set my priority channels by the remote and ignore the others which I generally do not watch.

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