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How Much Is Internet Per Month? Averages Explained

High-speed internet was a luxury, but with more people working from home, streaming movies, and listening to music online daily, it’s rapidly becoming a necessity. Unfortunately, prices for high-speed internet can range from ultra-affordable to incredibly expensive, depending on where you live and the internet service provider you choose to partner with.

To better help you choose the right plan, you need to know what the internet costs users monthly on average.

How Much Is Internet Per Month on Average?

In Canada, people can expect to spend an average of $95 per month on internet access. If that seems a bit expensive, you’re right! The average price of internet in Canada is higher than in many other countries. In fact, Canada’s internet is the fifth most expensive in the world, outpaced only by Australia, Norway, Iceland, and South Africa. This is largely due to restrictions on wholesale pricing put in place by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) which determined that the high rates companies can charge for service are acceptable.

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Factors That Influence the Cost of Your Internet

Remember that $95 per month is just the average cost for Canadian internet users. The price you’ll pay for the internet depends on several factors.

The Type of Connection You Use

There are many types of internet connections in use today, and the type of connection you choose can influence your pricing. These are some of the most common connection types:

  • Satellite
  • Mobile devices and hotspots
  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Fiberoptic

Satellite and mobile hotspot connections often cost more than other connection types because they typically come with data caps and costly equipment. DSL connections are often the most affordable option as they use existing phone lines and equipment already installed in your home. Cable and fiberoptic connections cost more to install, and because they’re a newer type of connection, many companies charge more for these plans.

The Speed You Choose

In most cases, slower internet is cheaper than faster internet. When you choose a slower speed plan, you use less of the internet service provider’s available bandwidth. They cap the speed at a set limit and won’t let you surf the web at faster speeds. When you choose a faster plan, you’re using more of the provider’s available bandwidth and, as such, can expect to pay a higher price for the privilege.

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Your Location

Often, the internet is more affordable in areas where there are already tons of users. This is because the infrastructure to support higher-speed connections already exists, and all the provider needs to do is keep it running.

In rural areas or places where the internet isn’t very widely used or available, the provider has to install new equipment and build an infrastructure to keep the connections up and running. That installation and ongoing maintenance cost the provider money, so the provider may charge you a higher rate to offset some of their costs.

Whether You’re a Residential or Business Customer

Even with near-constant streaming and a growing reliance on internet-enabled devices, residential internet users tend to use less internet than business customers. That’s why many internet service providers offer lower rates for residential customers and charge higher rates for business customers, even if both users have plans with similar or identical speeds.

The Type of Contract You Agree To

Many internet service providers offer plans on a contract basis. Those contracts stipulate that you agree to pay the provider for internet service for a set period of time, and if you cancel, you’ll likely pay a fee to terminate the contract. Because you’re agreeing to pay for service for a set time, they’ll often charge you less for service. But the longer your contract is, the harder it will be to shop around and choose a contract-free service provider.

How Much the Equipment Costs

When you sign up for the internet, you can rent your modem or use one you own. If you already have a modem you like that’s compatible with your internet provider, you may be able to use that modem and not have to pay a monthly rental fee. However, if you don’t have a modem or don’t want to pay for one upfront, you may need to rent the equipment from your provider. Depending on the company, this can add tons of money to your monthly bill.

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How to Keep Your Costs Low

Keeping your internet costs below the $95 monthly average is possible. Try these tips to keep your costs down.

Choose a Slower Speed

Slower speeds typically cost less than higher internet speeds. If you’re trying to save money, consider signing up for a slightly slower speed. 100 Mbps plans will often be fast enough for most users. Going down even a single tier in speed can save you serious money each month.

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Choose the Right Provider

Different providers often charge different rates for the same speeds and contract lengths. That’s why you’ll need to shop around for a plan that works for your budget. We offer different plans to fit your needs and your budget, so you’ll never have to overpay for service again! Even better, we don’t have contracts, so you can change your internet subscription as needed.

Sign Up for Reliable Internet at a Great Price

The amount you’ll pay for the internet depends on the speed and type of plan you need. Take your time if you’re trying to find a service provider that won’t force you to pay too much for basic service. Review the plans available and consider which ones will best fit your needs. Compare your options and consider how they fit your budget. If you do, you’ll be connected in no time.

Keep your family connected with reliable, fast internet at prices that fit your budget. Sign up online today!

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