Best Internet Providers in Hamilton Canada

5 Best Internet Providers in Hamilton, Canada

There are a lot of internet providers to choose from in Hamilton, Canada. Which one is the best for you? Here are five of the top internet providers, based on speed and price. This will help you decide which provider is right for you.


VMedia is the best option for high-speed internet in Hamilton, Canada. VMedia’s broadband internet service is dependable, consistent, and reasonably priced. Take a deeper dive into what sets VMedia apart as Hamilton’s premier internet provider.


  • VMedia offers unlimited data plans starting at $44.95/month. This is a great deal for those who use a lot of data.
  • VMedia has no contracts, so you can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • We offer discounts for bundling TV and phone service with your internet.


  • Our customer service call line may very rarely experience short downtimes due to high call volume.
  • VMedia is a growing company; our coverage area may be limited compared to some of the bigger ISPs.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with VMedia service, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked. We also offer discounts if bundled with our Home Security.

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2. Rogers

Rogers is another major telecom company in Canada that offers high-speed internet plans starting at $49.99/month for speeds up to 150Mbps. They also have a variety of TV and home phone packages if you’re looking for a bundle deal.


  • Rogers is one of the largest ISPs in Canada, so you can be sure that they have the infrastructure to provide reliable service.
  • They offer a wide range of plans to suit different needs and budgets.
  • The speeds offered are some of the fastest in the country.
  • They have 24/7 customer support available.


  • Rogers is one of the most expensive ISPs in Hamilton.
  • There have been reports of data caps being enforced even when not included in the plan.
  • The contract terms are inflexible and can be difficult to get out of.
  • Some customers have reported poor customer service experiences.
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3. TekSavvy

TekSavvy is a popular choice among those who want reliable service without the high price tag. Their plans start at $39.95/month for speeds up to 60Mbps. TekSavvy is also known for their commitment to customer satisfaction—something that can be hard to find in the world of big telecom companies.

TekSavvy Pros:

  • Wide variety of plans and pricing options
  • Can customize your plan to fit your needs
  • No long-term contracts required
  • Great customer service reputation

TekSavvy Cons:

  • Speeds can be slower than stated
  • Customer support might be difficult to reach at times
  • Some users have reported payment concerns

Looking for additional internet choices nearby? Go to VMedia to learn more about choices in your area!

4. Start Communications

Start Communications is a regional provider that serves parts of Ontario and Quebec. They offer internet plans starting at $45/month for speeds up to 60Mbps. Start Communications is a great option if you’re looking for affordable service without sacrificing speed or reliability.


  • Affordable plans: Start Communications offers a variety of affordable Internet plans for residents in Hamilton. Whether you are looking for a basic plan or something with more speed and data, there is an option for you.
  • No long-term contracts: Start Communications does not require you to sign a long-term contract like some other ISPs. This means that you can cancel your service at any time without penalty.
  • Available in all areas of Hamilton: Start Communications offers service to all areas of Hamilton, so you can be sure that you will be able to get service no matter where you live.
  • High speeds: Start Communications offers some of the fastest Internet speeds in Hamilton, so you can be sure that you will be able to stream, download, and surf the web without any issues.


  • Customer service issues: There have been some reports of poor customer service from Start Communications. If you experience any issues with your service, it may be difficult to get in touch with someone who can help you.
  • Slow speeds during peak times: Some users have reported slow speeds during peak times (even on the highest tier plans). This can be frustrating if you are trying to stream or download something during these times.
  • Data caps: Start Communications has data caps on all of their plans. This means that if you use up your data allowance, your speeds will be throttled for the rest of the month. Be sure to keep an eye on your usage if you have a start communications plan.

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5. Distributel

Distributel is another regional provider with plans starting at $37.95/month for speeds up to 25Mbps in some areas and 50Mbps in others. Like TekSavvy, they are known for their dedication to providing excellent customer service—something that can be hard to come by these days.


  • Affordable plans: Distributel offers a variety of affordable plans to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a heavy internet user or just need basic service, there’s a plan for you. And if you find that your needs change over time, you can always switch to a different plan.
  • No long-term contracts: Unlike some other ISPs, Distributel does not require you to sign a long-term contract. This means that you’re free to cancel your service at any time without penalty.
  • Good customer service: If you ever have any issues with your service, Distributel’s customer service team is available 24/7 to help resolve the problem.


  • Limited availability: distributel is only available in certain areas of Hamilton. So, if you don’t live in one of those areas, you won’t be able to use their service.
  • Slow speeds: Some customers have reported slow speeds when using Distributel’s service. So, if you need a fast connection for things like online gaming or streaming HD video, this may not be the right ISP for you.

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Choosing The Right Internet Provider

That’s all for our roundup of the 5 best internet providers in Hamilton. We hope this article was helpful and provided you with some useful information. If you would like to do more research on your own, or are ready to sign up for a service, be sure to checkout our website where we provide detailed information on all the major internet providers in Canada. Thanks for reading!

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