How to Choose the Right Internet Plan

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Internet service has now become a necessity for every home, and new internet technologies are opening up options for the increasingly fast home internet connections consumers crave today. Coupled with an increasing amount of connected devices – even the smartest of consumers are left with an overload of options, and possibly overpaying, for their home internet.

At VMedia, our mission is to provide you with the best value internet solution that meet your household and bandwidth needs.  Here is our take on what to consider when selecting the right internet plan.

How much internet speed is enough for your family? Would you prefer DSL or Cable? To determine what internet speed best suits your needs, it’s helpful to consider the number of users and devices in your household, as well as the online activities and bandwidth requirements of those activities. Often, Cable 30 Mbps or 75 Mbps, or FTTN 25 Mbps or FTTN 50 Mbps, will be more than enough  for an average household. Very fast speeds,  such as plans with speeds exceeding 100 Mbps, sound appealing, however, much like a car that can go 150 km/h, we rarely actually drive at 150 km/h. So, if you are considering a 100 Mbps+ plan, it’s important to ask yourself if you would you be paying for an internet speed that you really do not need.

DSL or Cable

If you do not know the difference between the two – we are here to help. DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line which means a a phone line is used to deliver internet service and as such,  is widely available. FTTN stands for ‘fibre to the node’ and is a term given to DSL internet which features higher speeds and in some people’s view, more stability. Cable internet provides service through coaxial cable, often referred to as coax, and delivers high-speed internet  at higher speeds than currently available through DSL or FTTN.

Streaming Habits

Are you a big movie streaming fan, or only occasionally video calling with friends and family overseas? Take note of your streaming habits and those of the people sharing your internet connection to get a sense of your needs. Depending on your usage, a faster internet plan may be advantageous.

Connected Devices

Sharing your internet service with more people means more devices accessing your internet plan. A small business or a family of five will require faster internet speeds than a single person household, when you take into account concurrent utilization. Higher speeds for a higher number of devices ensures a reliable and smooth connection across all laptops, TV’s, phones, video game consoles, or tablets.

Lowest Prices at VMedia

At VMedia, we offer a wide range of internet speeds – all featuring unlimited usage – at the lowest prices on the market today. We are available in every province, coast to coast. Plus, there are no contracts, and all of VMedia internet plans include free installation or transfers for a limited time.

Some of our best value internet plans include:

  • FTTN 50  for $39.95/month (reg. $49.95)
  • Cable 75 for $49.95/month (reg. $56.95) with FREE modem rental included for a limited time – Ontario, New Brunswick , Newfoundland
  • Cable 60 for $49.95/month (reg. $59.95) in Quebec
  • Cable 75 for $49.95/month (reg. $49.95) in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • Cable 100 for $44.95/month in PEI and Nova Scotia

Sign up today and take advantage of our – 6 months of FREE TV offer when signing up for any internet plan (limited time offer).

VMedia, the best value in internet service.




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