VMedia in the Multicultural Community

vmedia fyi punjabi pack copy 2

One of the largest events in the South Asian community took place on April 21st in Surrey, BC and VMedia was there. This hugely successful Sikh parade was attended by close to 550,000 people from all across North America and beyond.

VMedia is proud to partner with FYI Media, who was high profile at this event, and to offer popular Punjabi TV channels to the Canadian multicultural community. Our FYI Punjabi Pack is one our best-selling South Asian theme packs and features nine channels; including Sanjha TV, Only Music, News Only, Chardikla Time TV, Fateh TV and more, for only $8.95/month.

VMedia TV offers one of the largest selection of multicultural TV channels, available in low priced theme packs and ‘a la carte’ channels in our UChoose section, along with our innovative, live streaming TV platform. Be sure to check our site for the latest high speed internet and TV offers and upcoming multicultural channel promos.

Congratulations to FYI Media on a very successful event and we look forward to many more!



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