Tomorrow’s The Date – Legal Hearing on Bell Challenge!


Tomorrow at 10:00 am a judge in a Toronto courtroom will hear our application to declare that VMedia’s new TV streaming service – an innovative live TV app available to consumers with most Canadian internet providers – is protected by The Copyright Act.

As most of you are aware, VMedia launched our live TV app on September 16th, available with Roku Players or our VBox. And importantly, the new VMedia TV app can be accessed with most Canadian internet service providers. The service is not tied to our internet service – subscribers are under no obligation to switch their internet to us if they are happy with their current service – and there is no need to invest in costly new set top boxes if you already have a ROKU Player. And if you don’t, our innovative VBox is the most affordable set top box on the market to buy or rent.

Bell threatened us with a legal injunction and we responded by seeking a declaration from the court that we are within our rights as a licenced BDU to offer the new service to Canadians.

We are of course hopeful that the judge will decide in favor of our new approach to live TV services – one that is more affordable, more convenient to access and one that offers more choice and options for live TV.  The decision may be rendered in a week or a month – but either way, VMedia will continue to explore new ways to offer the most innovative TV services in Canada, for the best value in the market.

We want to thank everyone who signed up for the TV app for their support and patience as we wade through this legal matter. In addition, we especially want to thank the many individuals who made contributions to our legal fund. It is all greatly appreciated. So stay tuned.


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