CNN and Headline News – Now in Beautiful HD!

CNN and Headline News – Now in Beautiful HD!We are very pleased to announce the launch of CNN HD and  Headline News HD. VMedia’s Premium Basic package, already a great value, has just gotten better! Now you can watch your favourite CNN personalities, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria and Candy Crowley, and of course the delightful Nancy Grace on Headline News, the way they were meant to be enjoyed – in HD.

All of this just in time for the nail-biting next three weeks leading up to the US mid-term elections! Or you can skip all that, and watch Anthony Bourdain eat deep-fried crickets in Tanzania on “Parts Unknown”. Lots to enjoy!

VMedia will be adding TCM HD, as well as Peachtree, to our line up soon, as part of a series of enhancements which we will be rolling out over the next month, which will make VMedia TV even better.


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