VMedia’s Top TV Picks of 2018

2018 featured many exceptional, high quality and compelling TV shows to watch. Here’s our picks for the best in memorable TV entertainment.

Mr. Mercedes (Season 2) -– Super Channel

Mr. Mercedes is another TV adaptation of content machine Stephen King’s novel about a retired police detective stalked by a killer. Season 2 picks up one year after Detective Bill Hodges thwarted Brady Hartfield’s attempt to perpetrate a second mass murder. Since the incident, Hartfield has been hospitalized in a vegetative state. When inexplicable occurrences begin to affect hospital staff members attending to Brady, Hodges is haunted by the feeling that Brady is somehow responsible. Watch for the supernatural elements and very strong performances by all the lead characters.

The Americans (Season 6) – FX

Said to be one of the best TV shows ever made, and a Golden Globe winner for 2018, The Americans concluded with its final season – the ultimate in undercover agents and cold war spying with a focus on family. The final season pits the Jennings marriage and family members against the fate of the free world. Watch for the emotional battlegrounds of friendship, marriage and parenting with a side of relevant political commentary.

Succession – HBO

For those of you who liked The Big Short, its creator Adam McKay brings us a roman à clef “loosely” based on the Murdoch family that you will love.  Brian Cox is riveting as Logan Roy, the family patriarch and head of a global media and entertainment conglomerate. Enfeebled and surrounded by conniving or obsequious children, and a mysterious younger wife, he is nobody’s fool as he outmaneuvers and bulldozes his way over those who want to push him off his throne. A new level in dysfunctional family dynamics.

Trust – FX

Trust is another anthology series that explores our collective fascination with the super-rich. Based on the life of the famous Getty family beginning in 1973, Trust centers on the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. Trust is true crime with an acidic sense of humour. Donald Sutherland portrays the infamous J. Paul Getty and Hilary Swank plays Getty III’s mother. Superb acting and production values.

Killing Eve – Bravo

One of the most acclaimed series of the year and the must-see drama of last summer that won Sandra Oh a historical Emmy nomination, as well as a Golden Globe award. Based on the Villanelle series of novellas, Killing Eve feels familiar with a cat and mouse spy formula, but with two female leads and lots of dry wit. Jodi Comer is the multilingual, cool assassin and distinctive stylist, Villanelle, murdering people across Europe and Sandra Oh is an MI5 agent from Britain tasked with finding Villanelle and stopping the murders. Delivers on strong characters, plot lines and with a visual impact, going from one gorgeous place to another.

Homeland (Season 7) — Super Channel Fuse

Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is our favourite CIA officer, top in her field, but wrestling with bipolar disorder – making her volatile and unpredictable. In this season, we follow Carrie as she unravels an international conspiracy to undermine President Keane while dealing with serious issues at home. Season 7 does not disappoint fans and considered one of the best in years. Homeland excels at masterful acting, emotional complexity and thrilling, unpredictable plot lines with sharp twists that makes this show the gold standard in this genre.

Better Call Saul – AMC

Better Call Saul is the spin-off series of Breaking Bad that takes place six years before the events of Breaking Bad. It highlights the story of Jimmy McGill, showing his transformation into the persona of Saul Goodman. Watch Season 4 of this stand out series for continuous jaw-dropping moments such as Jimmy callously shrugging off Howard’s guilt-ridden confession or when Gus Fring sits beside the bed of his most hated foe, Hector Salamanca.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Season 12) – CNN

The last season of this popular travel series gives fans an opportunity to take one final tour of the world with the late Anthony Bourdain. Parts Unknown explores food and the dining rituals of fascinating locations. Season 12 takes us to Kenya, Asturias, Spain, and Indonesia and gives a heartfelt goodbye to the inimitable host. The Kenya episode is the last one with Bourdain’s voiceover and features comedian and United Shades of America host W. Kamau Bell.

The Hunt for the Trump Tapes – Crave

This Vice original is an 8-part search for the truth behind many-rumored and potentially damaging recordings of Donald Trump. Tom Arnold taps into his deep network of connections including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Judd Apatow, Rosie O’Donnell, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. With a comedic tone, the series also serves as a snapshot of the current media and political landscape.

Patrick Melrose – Crave

Patrick Melrose is a 5-part miniseries that satirizes the English upper class as a ridiculously privileged and corrupt subsect of society. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Patrick Melrose, a rich English aristocrat with an appetite for heroin, cocaine, alcohol and anything to dull his pain of a childhood lived in great wealth and comfort, however with an abusive father and a negligent mother. Highlight  of the series are the monologues by Benedict Cumberbatch, who makes Patrick’s heroin highs stunning to watch!



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