VMedia Launches In Quebec, BC and Alberta!

More choice, better prices coming to nearly 5 million more Canadian homes.

Toronto, Ontario June 21, 2016 –   VMedia Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed the launch of its unique TV, internet and home phone triple play services in Quebec, BC and Alberta.  Already a successful competitor to the larger telecom and cable providers throughout Ontario, VMedia is now able to offer more choice and better prices to nearly five million more Canadian homes. The services are now available in the major urban markets, including the greater Montreal area, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton and their surrounding areas, with other markets to follow over the next 12 months.

“This is a very exciting and timely development, as we have been getting many requests for our service from the new markets since the CRTC awarded VMedia licenses to allow us to offer TV services across Canada just over a year ago,” said Alexei Tchernobrivets, Chief Executive Officer of VMedia. “Millions more Canadians will now have a real alternative to the big companies in triple-play TV, internet and phone services. This is a great moment for us and, as a new competitive source of TV service, great for consumers.”

First launched in Ontario in April 2013, VMedia has proven itself to be an important new provider of TV, internet and phone services in each market that it serves. As a start-up VMedia grew by word of mouth, and has been welcomed by many homes seeking more choice, lower prices, and better service in these increasingly essential, and increasingly costly, services.

“Only VMedia is now able to reach over 80% of Canadian homes with triple play services,” ” said George Burger, a co-founder and advisor to VMedia, “and VMedia’s telecom and broadcasting service model gives us unique economies of scale that allow us to offer triple play services to Canadians at the best prices in the market. For example, we offer our ‘skinny’ basic package that we have heard so much about for $17.95, with all five US networks included, well below the prices charged by the big companies. With triple play services eating up more and more of our household expenses, all Canadian homes deserve nothing less.”

With the full lineup of English, French and multicultural channels offered in packages large and small, as well as on a standalone or pick a package basis, VMedia offers more choice and better prices in TV services than any of its competitors. And in addition, VMedia delivers its content through its proprietary VBox, a unique device that is a set top box and media player combined. This means subscribers can access their favourite channels, as well as any app offered on Google Play, through one device, and one seamless interface.

“No other TV provider allows you to switch between their TV content and any app that you wish to enjoy on your TV,” said Mr. Tchernobrivets. “We not only let you, we encourage you, with a smart and intuitive interface that lets you switch back and forth between all your content options with ease.”

VMedia’s TV services require VMedia’s high-speed internet, which itself is the best priced unlimited internet service in the market. And best of all VMedia does not require contracts to enable subscribers to benefit from its great everyday low prices.

VMedia Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario, provides innovative TV, high-speed internet and home phone services, offering more choice and flexibility, unique features and lower prices than the major players. VMedia is the only alternative triple-play provider to those players available in Ontario, Quebec, BC and Alberta.  VMedia is a leader in IPTV and the company’s cool, affordable TV platform delivers a whole new home entertainment experience, enabling consumers to seamlessly enjoy conventional TV, over the top content, video on demand, social media and a world of apps. VMedia makes every TV smart!



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