VMedia Intervenes In New CRTC Costing Process

VMedia Intervenes In New CRTC Costing Process

As many people who are concerned about fair internet prices know, the CRTC recently launched a new proceeding to examine the costing inputs that go into the tariffs which companies like VMedia have to pay to get wholesale access to the big players’ internet facilities. In keeping with our mission to be a leader in fighting for fair wholesale prices so that we can offer the best and most affordable internet services to Canadians, VMedia has filed an intervention to provide comments which we hope will persuade the CRTC to change those costing inputs, and more importantly make the costing process fully transparent, so that the unjustifiably high current wholesale rates can be adjusted downward. Only then can Canadians be assured of a robust competitive market in which they will not be exploited by being made to pay excessive uneconomic prices for what is clearly an important and essential service in everyone’s life.

Please have a look at our submission here. It would be great to hear your views.

  • VMedia Submission in Telecom Notice of Consultation 2015-225 – Review of Costing Inputs Wholesale Internet Access
  • Executive Summary – VMedia Submission in Telecom Notice of Consultation 2015-225 – Review of Costing Inputs Wholesale Internet Access



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5 thoughts on “VMedia Intervenes In New CRTC Costing Process

  1. Felix Baillargeon

    Canadians should not be paying enormous prices to monopoly companies for TV and interest,this is unfair for competition and market share

  2. Ken Henderson

    I had a Bell tech here today to rework a bad install. He blatantly told me that Bell Fibe was a better choice than VMedia. Even handed me flyers to distribute in the building.

    Talk about a conflict of interest! If the road tech is not respecting the CRTC regulatory rules (where a wholesale customer like VMedia has the right of retail consumer protection from the wholesaler) you can imagine how they talk about reseller rights in Montreal.

    We (Canadians) need to foster “transparent” protection and a level playing field for these start ups that use infrastructure built and paid for through monopolization over the past several decades.

    Bell, Rogers, Shaw, etc. should be forced to bill at cost + administration. No more!

    1. 7_of_9

      What you tell is the normal “style of business” of the bigger companies. Shame of them!! They are developing a market war against the smaller companies, to recapture what they think is a market of their property.

  3. 7_of_9

    It is easy to notice the bigger companies want to put back their old clients to their cages. In addition, those companies want to apply their greedy tariffs, for anything that users do or need. Shameful. I receive every week annoying flyer ads from the two big companies – Bell and Rogers, proposing what they want to force us to take, very miserable plans including things that I don´t need, but taking the controll for what is the real important issue: to control the data allowance. In the depth of this affair, they want to put their rules again in order to get the users paying for useless plans for the sole right to get from internet only emails (what´s the purpose then for “broadband” I wonder?) , silly photos of cats on Facebook, or scam- boring videos on Youtube…and that´s all. For any other wanted services, they like keep us paying apart for TV and home phone services. They want to sell any feature of each of services like slices, putting prices for everything in order to get easy money. We need to make them know we don´t like their dirty business practices, the pricing process is a very unfair way to control the market and for sure, to take control of our pockets.

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