UChoose Store Expanded


More Channels, More Choice!

VMedia is pleased to announce the expansion of our popular UChoose store. Providing unmatched choice and flexibility, VMedia’s unique online UChoose store now features access to over 160+ channels, available individually, and in a ‘pick a packs’ of 5, 10, or 20 channels. VMedia TV customers can easily ‘build their own’ customized TV channel line-up to enjoy, and pay for the channels that they watch.

VMedia is an industry leader in low priced and flexible TV packages, and we were the first launched the innovative UChoose store in 2013. Today, and with a significantly expanded channel list, VMedia offers a full range of channel selection options – individual channels available ‘a-la-carte’, or in ‘pick a pack’ formats of 5, 10 or 20 – with pricing as low as  $1.50/channel per month.

A-la-carte UChoose channels start at only $2.95/month. Or, select UChoose 5, and choose five channels and pay only $1.95/channel; in UChoose 10, select ten channels and the cost drops to $1.75 / channel. Or, take advantage of our lowest cost option, Any Twenty, with channels available for only $1.50 /channel per month.* UChoose Multicultural channels are also available in our Multicultural section with an extensive list of channels starting at only $4.95/channel..

UChoose channels are arranged alphabetically for quick navigation and easy selection when you sign up to TV online or with one of our friendly Agents. Already a TV subscriber and want to add UChoose channels or change your UChoose line-up? It’s is a breeze. Simply log in to your ‘My Account’ portal at www.vmedia.ca and with a few clicks, select your desired channels and watch them appear immediately on your VBox. You can add, change and drop channels in your UChoose selection in your My Account.

So check out our expanded UChoose store and enjoy a personalized and affordable TV package tailored to your entertainment needs. Accessing your favourite TV content has never been so easy!


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