Our Best Priced Internet Now Includes FREE TV – Try It And Love It!


It’s Valentine’s Day – And You Will LOVE Our New TV Promo!

What’s better than flowers, better than chocolates, better than breakfast in bed? VMedia’s best promo offer that we are launching on Valentine’s Day, that’s what, featuring not just our unbeatable, unlimited high-speed internet plans, and the introduction of our new 75 and 250Mbps cable internet packages, but free VMedia TV as well!

That’s right, if you switch to VMedia internet, you can have VMedia TV for FREE, for six months. No commitments, no contracts, no term, just free TV for you to try, and to love!

Get our Skinny TV package with all the Canadian and US TV networks in your area, like CTV, CBC, ICI, TVA, Global, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and PBS, all in beautiful HD, and  enjoy hundreds of hours of your favourite shows each week – live, or VOD. Save $17.95 per month, for a total value of nearly $110.

Want your favourite specialty channels or more sports? Use the free offer savings against those packages. Try our Basic package – regularly $29.95 and now $12.00 per month for six months and enjoy over a dozen additional specialty channels like TSN 1 to 5, YTV, E!, CTV NewsChannel, MuchMusic, and CP24 (where available). Or treat yourself to our most popular TV package, Premium Basic, with up to 70 great channels in all, including all the regional Sportsnets, SportsnetOne, CNN, AMC, A&E, Showcase, Bravo, Discovery and many more. Pay only $27.00/month for six months.

Live TV still offers the best entertainment value per dollar of any video platform out there, with hundreds of hours of great original drama, comedy, news, kids programming and of course SPORTS – think of it, if you had live TV recently you got to watch one of the greatest sporting events of all time – Super Bowl LI, for free!

If you aren’t watching live TV now, give it a try and see what you’re missing. If you do have someone else providing your TV service, try VMedia TV – no need to cancel your existing service – and compare value and features.

There has never been an offer like this as far as we know. This is our Valentine to Canadians.

So switch to VMedia Internet, and get our unique free TV offer. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain

Great low prices! No installation costs! Free TV!

From VMedia. With love!


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