NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are here!

Sportnet Stanley Cup Playoffs

5 things you need to know ahead of this year’s NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, which starts today (April 10th).

Top team, Tampa Bay Lightning
Through the course of the season, Tampa Bay proved itself to be the best team. The Lightning set multiple records with 128 points, and tied the 1995-96 Detroit Red Wings for the most wins in a regular season with 62. Nikita Kucherov had 128 points, more than anyone since the 1995-96 season. The pressure is now on for Kucherov, Steven Stamkos and Co., to prove that their hard work means something.

Reigning champ, Washington Capitals
The Capitals are vying for a repeat this year for a second championship win, having finished first in the Metropolitan Division. The Capitals play their first game against the Carolina Hurricanes this Thursday, April 11th.

Eastern Conference repeat
The Boston Bruins will play against Toronto Maple Leafs again for a second straight season. Boston defeated Toronto in 7 games last season and have won four straight series against Toronto since 1969. The Eastern Conference will see another repeat with the Islanders taking on Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Western Conference repeat
The Golden Knights and Sharks will face each other again in the 1stround of playoffs with their first game on Wednesday, April 10th. Golden Knights defeated the Sharks in 6 games in the second round last season.

Toronto, Tavares and Canadian dreams
Maple Leafs fans lives have been immeasurably better with John Tavares joining Toronto. Tavares reached a career high of 47 goals and 88 points in his first season in Toronto. Toronto has high hopes for championship, with Tavares bolstering a high-scoring Leafs’ offence. Canada is hoping for its time with three teams aiming for the first Canadian champion since the Canadiens took home the Stanley Cup in 1993. The Calgary Flames are the top seed in the Western Conference with their first game against the Colorado Avalanche on Thursday, April 11th.

Here’s how to watch:

Eastern Conference  

Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
Game 1: Toronto at Boston – Thursday, 7 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 2: Toronto at Boston – Saturday, 8 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 3: Boston at Toronto – Monday, April 15, 7 p.m. ET. (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 4: Boston at Toronto – Wednesday, April 17, 7 p.m. ET. (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 5: Toronto at Boston – Friday, April 19, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: Boston at Toronto – Sunday, April 21, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Toronto at Boston – Tuesday, April 23, TBD (if necessary) 

New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Game 1: Pittsburgh at New York – Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 2: Pittsburgh at New York – Friday, 7:30 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 3: New York at Pittsburgh – Sunday, April 14, 12 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 4: New York at Pittsburgh – Tuesday, April 16, 7:30 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 5: Pittsburgh at New York – Thursday, April 18, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: New York at Pittsburgh –  Saturday, April 20, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Pittsburgh at New York – Monday, April 22, TBD (if necessary) 

Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Game 1: Carolina at Washington – Thursday, 7:30 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 2: Carolina at Washington – Saturday, 3 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 3: Washington at Carolina – Monday, April 15, 7 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 4: Washington at Carolina – Thursday, April 18, 7 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 5: Carolina at Washington – Saturday, April 20, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: Washington at Carolina – Monday, April 22, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Carolina at Washington – Wednesday, April 24, TBD (if necessary)

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
Game 1: Columbus at Tampa Bay – Wednesday, 7 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 2: Columbus at Tampa Bay – Friday, 7 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 3: Tampa Bay at Columbus – Sunday, April 14, 7 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 4: Tampa Bay at Columbus – Tuesday, April 16, 7 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 5: Columbus at Tampa Bay – Friday, April 19, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: Tampa Bay at Columbus – Sunday, April 21, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Columbus at Tampa Bay – Tuesday, April 23, TBD (if necessary)

Western Conference quarter-finals 

Calgary Flames vs. Colorado Avalanche
Game 1: Colorado at Calgary – Thursday, 10 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 2: Colorado at Calgary – Saturday, 10:30 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 3: Calgary at Colorado – Monday, April 15, 10 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 4: Calgary at Colorado – Wednesday, April 17, 10 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca)
Game 5: Colorado at Calgary – Friday, April 19, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: Calgary at Colorado – Sunday, April 21, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Colorado at Calgary – Tuesday, April 23, TBD (if necessary)

Winnipeg Jets vs. St. Louis Blues

Game 1: St. Louis at Winnipeg – Wednesday, 8 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 2: St. Louis at Winnipeg – Friday, 9:30 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 3: Winnipeg at St. Louis – Sunday, April 19, 7:30 p.m. ET (CBC, CBCSports.ca, SN)
Game 4: Winnipeg at St. Louis – Tuesday, April 16, 9:30 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 5: St. Louis at Winnipeg – Thursday, April 18, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: Winnipeg at St. Louis – Saturday, April 20, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: St. Louis at Winnipeg – Monday, April 22, TBD (if necessary)

Nashville Predators vs. Dallas Stars

Game 1: Dallas at Nashville – Wednesday, 9:30 p.m. ET  (SN1)
Game 2: Dallas at Nashville – Saturday, 6 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 3: Nashville at Dallas – Monday, April 15, 9:30 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 4: Nashville at Dallas – Wednesday, April 17, 8 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 5: Dallas at Nashville – Saturday, April 20, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: Nashville at Dallas – Monday, April 22,  TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Dallas at Nashville – Wednesday, April 24, TBD (if necessary)

San Jose Sharks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

Game 1: Vegas at San Jose – Wednesday, 10:30 p.m. ET (SN)
Game 2: Vegas at San Jose – Friday, 10:30 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 3: San Jose at Vegas – Sunday, April 14, 10 p.m. ET (SN, SN360)
Game 4: San Jose at Vegas – Tuesday, April 16, 10:30 p.m. ET (SN360)
Game 5: Vegas at San Jose – Thursday, April 18, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: San Jose at Vegas – Sunday, April 21, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: Vegas at San Jose – Tuesday, April 23, TBD (if necessary)

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