More Kids Content On Demand, More Enjoyment!


We are delighted to announce that we have added even more channels to our extensive Video on Demand catalogue – Disney, Disney Jr., Nickelodeon, YTV and Treehouse.

In addition to TMN, HBO, Family, Family Jr., CHRGD, CTV, TSN, and RDS, VMedia has also secured Video on Demand content from leading children’s channels:  YTV, Disney, Disney Jr., Nickelodeon and Treehouse. New content is being added daily, providing an extensive array of programming to select from.  These kids-centric channels feature much loved characters, popular new shows and heartfelt story lines to engage everyone in the family.  Now you can follow the endless adventures of Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Caillou, on demand, and included at no additional cost.

Everyone loves watching their favourite programming on demand, and VMedia’s Video on Demand feature is fast to get up on your screen compared to the other TV providers.  Just 4 clicks and you’re watching. No clunky downloading or wait times to make you groan.

Similar to other service providers, Video on Demand is available when you subscribe to a channel which is On Demand enabled. Disney, Disney Jr., Nickelodeon, YTV and Treehouse are available to purchase either individually in our UChoose store, for as little as $1.50/month per channel, or in one of our valued added theme packs, starting as low as $6.95/month. Including:

Disney Pack – $6.95/month

The Disney Pack featuring 3 new Disney channels – Disney, Disney Junior and Disney XD plus Teletoon and Treehouse – for only $6.95/month. ‎

Premium Kids Combo – $8.95/month

A great combo pack of 6 Kids channels featuring the best of children’s entertainment; Disney Channel, Disney jr, Disney XD plus Family, Family Jr and CHRGD for only $8.95/month‎. A super line up  to entertain the little ones in your household for hours.

Check out all of our great packages here – available in either a Theme Pack or a-la-cart in our UChoose store. VMedia gives you way more choice and flexibility and the best in kids TV entertainment!

VMedia – More On Demand. More Content. More Enjoyment.


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