Introducing Le Mélange, Our Newest Bilingual TV Package!

Hey Quebecers – want a TV package with both top English and French channels? Then check out Le Mélange, our new TV package with the best set of both popular English and French channels all in one TV package.

Le Mélange’s channel lineup includes all the major networks;  CBC, ICI, CTV, Global, TVA, V, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS – plus A&E, CNN, Discovery, Disney, HGTV, History, Sportsnet, TSN, W and more. French channels include addikTV, Canal D, la Chaine Disney, Historia, LCN, Prise 2, RDS, Séries+, TVA Sports and more. With over 80 channels, there is always something for everyone in your family to watch. See all the Le Mélange info here

Le Mélange is regularly $69.95/month, and right now, there are some great introductory offers. As a new TV subscriber, if you sign up to Le Mélange, we will give you $24.95.month off for six whole months. That’s a savings of close to $150.

Already on VMedia TV? Trade up to Le Mélange and get the first 2 months at your current monthly price. A great deal.

Watch Le Mélange or any of VMedia’s low cost TV packages and over 300 channels with our VBox or if you prefer, any Roku Players or Roku – powered TV’s.

Le Mélange – great TV entertainment for the whole bilingual family, so treat yourself to Le Mélange and VMedia live streaming TV today.

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