Internet: Need Those Faster Speeds?

Internet: Need Those Faster Speeds?

All of us who love the internet, have never had it better with all the fast, high speed and ultra-high speeds plans available for home internet service.

Just 10 years ago, the top speed offered was 25 Mbps, and now we have fibre and cable speeds of 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps and higher available to many urban households across Canada. That is a huge increase in speed, and a tremendous improvement in efficiency!

Certain major internet providers offer a 1 Gbps service for $119.99, including a $10 per month modem rental, others a 1.5 Gbps service for $124.95.

In the meantime, competitive internet providers like VMedia offer 150 Mbps service for $66.95 in Ontario (after a 2 month promo period at $45.95/month). At regular prices, that is a difference of over $50 per month.

That sounds enticing: 10 times faster at less than twice the price! And in fact, if you need the fastest speeds possible in your home to enjoy your activities on the internet, and you can afford the difference of over $600 per year, then it is a good deal.

The $50 per month question though is, do you need those faster speeds?

Well, it depends. If you are an avid gamer, playing against others over the internet, then yes, every extra byte of speed may give you the edge you need to win. Or if you are someone who streams videos or downloads heavy files, like 4K movies and TV shows and you want to download and watch as fast as possible, then again, probably yes.

However, if you are the typical internet household of four, who surfs, text, emails, and watches Netflix on three or four different devices. How much speed does a home like that really need?

Well, streaming Netflix at 4K to your device uses about 25 Mbps of speed to let you enjoy your favourite show at Blu-ray quality. That means if there are four people in your home engaging at the same time, you would need 100 Mbps – and you are saving over $50 per month.

So if your hard-earned money can be better spent elsewhere, why pay more. Enjoy the speed that is right for your household, addresses all your needs – and fits your budget.

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