We’re bringing back free internet!

As spring gets underway, many Canadians are moving and we want to make that easier. We’re giving away free internet to ten winners across Canada, whether you’re moving, or whether you simply love internet.

Here’s your chance to win free internet for 12 months:

  1. Go to our contest page
  2. Nominate friends and family (as many you want) by entering their name, city and email
  3. Enter your name
  4. Click Nominate!

The contest is open to all VMedia customers, as well as those who are not currently subscribed to VMedia. There is no nomination limit – nominate yourself and as many friends as you like! The more friends you nominate the greater chance you have to win.

Winners can select any VMedia internet plan of their choice and enjoy free service for 12 months, subject only to availability in their residential location. Winners will not incur any costs – we’re throwing in free installation and free modem rental for the 12 month period.

VMedia is proud to be the top-rated, national internet service provider and we want to help more people discover us and start paying less on their monthly bill. Moving is the perfect opportunity to reassess your provider, needs and budget for this essential home service.

Deadline for entry for this contest is July 7, 2019. All participants must be Canadian residents and over the age of 18. We will announce the winners on our blog and social media on July 13th.

VMedia – #FreeInternet

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