Best TV Moments of 2018

It’s no surprise that in 2018, TV became even bigger with an ever expanding list of high quality and compelling content to watch. . Like the TV nuts that we are, now is the perfect time to revisit some of the best and most unforgettable moments on TV this year. Here’s our take and be delighted to hear yours.

Brooklyn Nine Nine – The Backstreet Boys Cold Open

The clip of this Brooklyn Nine Nine cold opening scene currently has over 8.5 million views on YouTube and rightly so – the creators of Brooklyn Nine Nine somehow planned a feat of comedic genius — Jake helps identify a witness identify her brother’s murder by having the suspects in a lineup sing “I Want It That Way”. Also, Jake and Amy finally get married after 5 years!

Killing Eve – Villanelle’s Pink Dress

In the second episode of this Emmy and Golden Globe nominated hit, Killing Eve, Villanelle, the series’ charismatic, psychopathic assassin with a flair for fashion, wears a bubblegum pink tulle Molly Goddard dress paired with Balenciaga boots, in a twisted scene where  Villanelle is assessed on her ability to murder people. A cheerful dress,perfectly representative of the character’s dark sense of humour juxtaposed with a grisly subject.

Atlanta – Teddy Perkins and Champagne Papi

Donald Glover’s Atlanta came back strong for its second season by adding a thematic thought prompt to its title — “Robbin’ Season”. Highlights of the season include Teddy Perkins’ whiteface and museum tour, and of course, Champagne Papi, in which Van tries to get into a party with Drake, showcasing the instagrammable lifestyle whose means outweigh the ends. Things came full circle when Drake sampled an Atlanta quote on his chart-topping, highly-memeable song, In My Feelings.

Sharp Objects – The Dollhouse

Almost every sequence in Sharp Objects this past summer was mind-bending. However, the most unforgettable and most chilling moment was presented to us in the very last moments of the season. Camille (Amy Adams) replaces a bedspread in her sister Amma’s dollhouse and slowly realizes that the floors of the dollhouse reveal something horribly ominous.

The Good Place – Jeremy Bearimy

“How can events happen before the ones that happened before?The Good Place broke everyone’s collective minds when it reinvented the concept of time itself. Dubbed “Jeremy Bearimy” – the concept of how time moves in the afterlife. Rather than linear time as it is on planet Earth, time move in a circuitous way that looks like the words “Jeremy Bearimy” in cursive. We still don’t understand.

This is Us – Slow Cooker

Now known as the series that made viewers fearful of their kitchen appliances, This is Us finally revealed the cause of patriarch Jack Pearson’s death – a faulty slow cooker that Jack had tried to fix causing the house fire that would ultimately be his demise. Because it’s 2018 and real life is increasingly intersecting with pop culture events, fans railed against crock pots so much so that crock-pot opened a twitter account to comfort fans (and to share facts about the appliance’s safety).

The Assassination of Gianni Versace – Cunanan Kills Versace

The Assassination of Gianni Versace is one of the most shocking news stories of the 90s that has resonated through the decades. We saw it dramatized – scene begins with picturesque Miami Beach as Andrew approaches Gianni with a gun. The beautifully filmed and scored scene is capped by a horrifying piece of real life violence that snaps us out of what feels like a day dream. And that is just the beginning.

Riverdale – Blackhood Revealed

One of the main villains of season two – the figure behind numerous shootings and the murder of Geraldine Grundy was finally revealed. Turns out the Blackhood was none other than Betty’s own father, which was a little predictable, but provided satisfying closure to fans.

The Americans – START

After many long seasons of secrets, Stan confronts Philip, Elizabeth and Paige as he learns their secret and true identity in a parking garage. The Americans has been about family,  friendship and country which becomes entirely undone in this scene.

Barry – Macbeth
Barry introduced us to a hitman who decides to pursue a career in theatre to change his life. After previously killing his friend, Barry loses it all and breaks down when delivering a single line in his scene from Macbeth: “The queen is dead”. With Barry keeping his emotions hidden through most of the season, this one line becomes cathartic moment for the emotionally repressed Barry as well as viewers.

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