We believe home security should be easy, affordable and accessible. VMedia Protect is an advanced, wireless home security system to protect you, and your family, from break-ins and unwanted intruders. Enjoy plans at low prices, with the features you need. Plus, easy install, Industry-leading, home security technology without any term contracts.

VMedia Protect

  • Advanced home burglary protection
  • 24/7 professional monitoring and response
  • Mobile app included — control from your phone
  • Wireless solution — no drilling needed
  • Internet based — no phone landline required
  • No term contracts and 30 day money-back guarantee
6 months free with equipment purchase 

24x7 Home Security Monitoring

VMedia Protect ensures a team of security professionals monitor your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from our UL Certified Monitoring Station. In the event an alarm is triggered, an emergency alert is sent to our Central Monitoring Station, where trained operators notify you, or dispatch either local law enforcement, or security professionals, to your residence.

Mobile App

Our home security system includes mobile application access, allowing you to manage your home alarm system on the go. Arm, disarm, or monitor your system from a mobile phone, or tablet, wherever you are. Plus, receive any event notifications. Protecting your home and family has never been easier.

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VMedia Protect System

Your VMedia Protect system comes with a Security Hub, 2 door/windor sensors, 1 PIR sensor and 4 decals for doors and windows. Additional useful accessories for your home security system are available here.

Key Features:

Easy Installation — DIY

Just plug in the Security Hub, place the sensors on any entry points, and call us to activate. No technical background required. Your home security system will be up and running in under 30 minutes.

24 Hour Battery Back up

In the event of a power outage, VMedia Protect’s Security Hub features a built-in rechargeable battery to keep your system powered for up to 24 hours.

Wireless — No Holes To Drill

Our motion and door sensors connect to our Security Hub wirelessly. Setting up VMedia protect is easy, with no holes to drill or wires to connect your sensors.

Pet Immune

Our system utilizes infrared motion sensors and can identify canine from crook, so your furry companions may roam free with no false alarms.

Auto Firmware Update

Software updates will be pushed directly to VMedia Protect’s Security Hub, keeping you up to date & protected.

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Customize your System

VMedia Protect can be easily customized to your home size and layout. Add additional door and motion sensors to accommodate additional entry points and to customize your home security solution. We also offer a number of other useful home security accessories, including Pin Pads, Key Fobs and extra Window Decals.

Door/Window Sensor

Keep your entry points to your house safe and secure with our door and window sensors. These sensors use advanced Cryptix RF technology to communicate with your Security Hub.

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PIR Motion Sensor

Protecting your home and family means protecting your pets as well, and you should not have to compromises your home security just because you have animals walking about. Our motion sensors are pet immune and use PIR technology to prevent false alarms. Works with dogs and cats of all sizes.

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An useful addition to your home security set up is the Pin Pad, which can be placed at the entry points of your home and used to arm and disarm the system by entering your secret security codes.

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Key Fob

A Key Fob remote for conveniently arming and disarming your Security Hub without the need for a smartphone.

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Window Decal

Window ‘warning’ stickers let visitors and potential intruders know that there is a security system on your property. These window decals are perfect for placement in highly visible areas such as your front door, front window, and other places of entry.

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Setting Up VMedia Protect

Setting up VMedia Protect is quick and easy. Unpack your Security Hub and plug-in the power supply. Connect the Security Hub to your modem/router using the supplied Ethernet cable. Wait for a couple minutes. As soon as you see the power light and internet light become solid, your panel is online.

Next, set your Security Hub in Enrollment mode and synchronize each sensor and/or pin pad with the panel. The sensors and the pin pad connect wirelessly and do not require any physical connections.

If the alarm is triggered, your Security Hub sends an emergency alert to the Monitoring Station over the internet, or a cellular network (Optional).