Key Fob

A Key Fob remote for conveniently arming and disarming your Security Hub without the need for a smartphone. These come with tactile button click and offers responds with LED blink for feedback. The buttons are installer configurable so you may change the function of each buttons for different arming states. They are designed with recessed buttons, in order to avoid any pocket false alarms. You can always carry them with you by attaching it to a key chain.

Key Fob

Technical Specifications

Frequency 433.92 MHz
Maximum Humidity 85% non-condensing relative humidity
Nominal Battery Life 4 to 6 years (depending on usage)
Operating Temperature 32 to 120 °F (0 to 49 °C)
Replacement Battery One CR123A
Weight 0.8 ounces (23 grams)
Key Fob


User Manual