VMedia’s New, Faster Cable Plans – High Speed and Low, Low Price



Hey Speed Enthusiasts! Have you checked out VMedia’s new, faster Cable plans? 75Mbps, 150Mbps and 250Mbps speed tiers are now available in select areas!

VMedia’s new cable plans offer blazing fast speeds – and at very low prices too. Now, you can enjoy internet plans with downloads speeds up to 75Mbps or 150Mbps, or better yet – 250Mbps, our fastest plan to date.

VMedia’s 75Mbps and 150 Mbps plans are unique across the cable internet landscape right now, and are not yet offered by the other providers. We think they hit the sweet spot and are the perfect combination of very fast speed at a price point which offers tremendous value. You know what they say – with growing bandwidth consumption – 60 Mbps was the new 30 Mbps, and now 75 Mbps is the new 60 Mbps.  Don’t get left behind.

Best of all, all of our internet plans still include unlimited usage without data caps, so you can surf, download, stream and more, without worrying about nasty data overage charges or additional fees.  Unlimited internet rules.

Also, for those of you in Western Canada, we’re happy to announce increased upload speeds on some of our most popular plans.  Our 15Mbps plan now includes upload speeds of 1.5Mbps (up from 0.5Mbps) and our 20Mbps plan now includes upload speeds of 2Mbps (up from 0.5Mbps). More upload – same great price.

And finally, new VMedia subscribers can take advantage of our best TV promo offer to date – 6 months free TV. Yes, sign up to our Skinny TV package and you can enjoy up to 30 channels, including all the major Canadian and US networks, CTV, CBC, Global, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS and more, for free for 6 months. A $107 value.

Check out all of VMedia’s unbeatable, unlimited plans here and speed up!



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