VMedia Blog Launch

Hi everyone, it’s our pleasure to launch the VMedia blog with our first submission, announcing the introduction of our new Main Menu interface.

We are launching our VBlog with the best of intentions. I say best intentions because we would like to make new entries every couple of weeks, and there is nothing worse than a stale blog – but when things get hectic-and things have not STOPPED getting hectic around here- these kind of things tend to slide. But we will try our best!

The VBlog will keep our followers and subscribers informed about improvements to the VMedia experience, including additions to our growing content services and platforms and innovations which we are developing to make ours the best content delivery platform in Canada.

The new Main Menu is a great example of our innovations-an interface unmatched by Bell Fibe, Rogers Cable, Shaw Direct or Cogeco, one that gives you easy access to both channels and apps, and organizes your favourite channels, applications and services into key categories including TV, Music, Video, Photos, Internet and so on.

Please have a look at our newsletter (also a first!) at the following link for some visuals to give you a flavor for what we have done.


The newsletter also refers to the upcoming launch of new channels, and packages, and more HD. As some of you know, we are awaiting the delivery of receivers to handle the new channels, and allow us to convert our SD services into HD where we can, and we expect delivery in a week, and then a short period to install. Once we have done that we will be launching a slew of new channels, including CNN, AMC, Sportsnet and SportsnetOne, Bravo, Space, Comedy, Family, Teletoon, Hollywood Suite and many more.

We are most looking forward to launching out Premium Basic Plus, which will include most of those channels and others, 16 in all. If you choose to add Premium Basic Plus to your subscription, it will upgrade your existing Basic package, and give you all the Canadian and US Networks as well as 28 top specialty channels that you will actually want to watch – at $42.90, the best value in Canadian TV.

Speaking of “you choose” – I mean UChoose – we will also be launching our custom UChoose category. This will allow you to make you to create your own custom packages from among over 40 channels eligible for our UChoose6+ and UChoose12+ selections, as well as a la carte picks from over 60 channels under our UChooseAny list.

We will be providing more detail about these, as well as the theme packs we will be activating, in our next newsletter. Look for it in about ten days.

That’s it for now, as always we look forward to your comments.

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