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5 Best TV Service Providers in British Columbia, Canada

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Residents of British Columbia, Canada should always have the advantages of great T.V. service. After all, a good deal of the entire entertainment world regularly comes to British Columbia to film their entertainment, 

Over 40% of the T.V. shows and films produced in Canada are filmed on location in British Columbia. And over $3 billion in revenue generated by the T.V. and film industry benefitted the local British Columbia economy.

Don’t the residents of British Columbia deserve something for enduring living in a city where they may be inconvenienced due to entertainment production creating content for the world to enjoy?

How access to the best T.V. service provider in British Columbia? 

We believe that VMedia has everything that you need and more.

VMedia is a T.V., internet, home phone, and digital home security provider that is dedicated to providing Canadians with the best services and most affordable prices. VMedia offers fast internet, great online T.V. packages, phone services, and online security at prices you can afford.

Did you know that VMedia was the first Canadian telecommunications to offer consumers unlimited internet packages, live T.V. streaming apps, and budget-conscious “Skinny” T.V. plans?

In 2019, VMedia publicly petitioned the CRTC to legislatively improve the telecommunications agency, diminish the opportunistic monopolization of the industry by the most prominent companies, and enrich the economic interests of the Canadian consumer.

And that is a lot to accomplish for a telecommunications company that was only launched in 2013.

Our point is that you, the Canadian consumer, and especially if you live in British Columbia, deserve to benefit as much as possible from available T.V. services as much as possible.

Let VMedia show you how to get great T.V. packages at affordable prices. As a public service, we will present four of our competitors to let you decide. But we are confident you will give VMedia a chance.

Here are the five best T.V. service providers in British Columbia, Canada

Check out VMedia today to get the best internet and T.V. at affordable rates.

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VMedia is a telecommunications company that provides internet, long-distance phone services, and innovative home security to most Canadian provinces. The company offers a tiered system of service plans that matches a customer’s budget and internet speed preference.

VMedia customers need to subscribe VMedia’s internet service to access its online T.V. services. And VMedia offers several tiers of T.V. packages as well. VMedia’s T.V. content features Canadian, American, international, and multicultural content.

“The Skinny” is a bare-bones starter package that 30+ T.V. channels. VMedia subscribers can also add theme-pack channel additions if desired. The Skinny is only $24.95 monthly.

The “Basic” T.V. package features over 43 channels and is only $42.95 monthly. The “Premium Flex” allows you to choose a theme pack (Classic, Family, Sport, and Lifestyle) featuring 72 channels at $29.97 for 6-months and then $55.95 after that.

And the Grand Premium Plan features over 100 channels. It’s free for one month and then $73.95 monthly after that.

What We Love About VMedia:

  • Multi-tiered TV plans for every budget
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Unsatisfied customers get their money back after one month
  • Numerous channel packages
  • Multicultural channel packs 
  • T.V. plans range between $24.95 to $55.95 monthly
  • Choose from over 160 solo channels for as little as $2.95 to $12.95 each

What Needs Improvement:

  • You can only access Vmedia’s T.V. plans by signing up or bundling its affordable internet service.
Back view of a couple sitting on a couch in a living room and watching TV.

Back view of a couple sitting on a couch in a living room and watching TV.

2. Telus Optik TV

Telus Optik T.V. is a telecommunications company specializing in offering premium internet and cable T.V. services in Canada. Telus Optik T.V. has over 300+ channels that it provides its subscribers via 40 theme package plans and 14 premium plan options.

For premium T.V. subscribers, Telus Optik T.V. has several installation options. You can opt to have your device shipped to you, a Telus technician will leave a sanitized device at your door while the technician makes connections outside, or you can order traditional installation.

However, Telus Optik T.V.’s internet and T.V. bundle plans are pricey. The “Essentials” bundle comes with 36 channels and costs $115. The “Premium Bundle” features the base 36-channel plan plus the option to include four theme packs of media. It costs $162 monthly. The “Ultimate Bundle” adds seven-channel theme packs at the cost of $177 monthly.

The Optik TV Lite plans is the bare bones package and costs $25 monthly. It comes with 35 channels, but only 15 are in H.D. And there is a $150 installation fee.

And internet speeds increase progressively with each bundle plan.

What We Love About Telus Optik T.V.:

  • Over 300 channels offered via plans and theme packs
  • Fast internet speeds
  • $100 bill credit when ordering online
  • Numerous H.D. channel options
  • 30-day guarantee

What Needs Improvement:

  • Pricey Premium plans
  • Mandatory two-year fixed-term contracts
  • Introductory premium prices increase after two years
  • Pricey installation fee for the cheapest T.V. package
  • If you cancel after 30-days, you will be charged a $15 service fee

Why VMedia is the Better Option:

  • No fixed-term contracts
  • No installation fees
  • More affordable options

3. Shaw Media

Shaw Media is one of the largest telecommunications corporations in Western Canada and has been in business for over 30 years. The company specializes in bundling T.V., internet, home phone, and even mobile phone accounts.

And the company is known for offering channels in full H.D. and 4K.

Here is a rundown of their T.V. and internet bundle plans:

  1. Fibre+ 300 & Total TV is $150 monthly.
  2. Fibre+ 750 & Total TV is $160 monthly.
  3. Fibre+ Gig & Total TV is $165 monthly.
  4. Fibre+ Gig 1.5 & Total TV is $185 monthly.

The Limited T.V. plan is $25 monthly and comes with 20+ channels.

What We Love About Shaw Media:

  • $100 bill credit for premium plans
  • Voice-controlled equipment
  • Hundreds of premium channels to choose from

What Needs Improvement:

  • Extremely pricey plans
  • Two-year fixed-term contracts
  • Plan prices increase considerably after two years
  • You must pay extra to add mobile devices

Why VMedia is the Better Option:

  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Our “Skinny” T.V. plan has 30+ channels
  • More affordable options

4. TekSavvy TV

TekSavvy TV is a Western Canada telecommunications company that provides its customers with many options. Its internet bundle plans offer speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps. 

And you can connect multiple devices and add unlimited data storage.

And the service offers 125 HD channels in various theme packs.

Unfortunately, you must register an account to determine if TekSavvy TV is available in your region to compare prices.

What We Love About TekSavvy TV:

  • 125 HD channels
  • Fast internet
  • Access TekSavvy TV via your favorite apps

What Needs Improvement:

  • Interested subscribers must register to find out if TekSavvy TV is available in their region
  • Subscribers waste time if service is not available
  • Prices are advertised on site

Why VMedia is the Better Option:

  • Prices are clearly advertised
  • Interested subscribers don’t have to work online to find out if service is available to them
  • Affordable rates
A man holding a TV remote near a bowl of potato chips and two beer bottles with a TV showing soccer in the background.

A man holding a TV remote near a bowl of potato chips and two beer bottles with a TV showing soccer in the background.

5. CipherTV (AEBC)

CipherTV is a British Columbia-based internet T.V. service that offers video on demand. The company provides simple, user-friendly hardware and over 240+ quality channels.

You can start with CipherTV’s “Skinny” basic 30 channel plan for $20 per month. You can then add a la carte channels for anywhere between $4.50 to $17 per channel.

What We Love About TekSavvy TV:

  • Hundreds of channels and pay-per films to choose from
  • Affordable Skinny T.V. package with affordable add on options
  • Free preview channels

What Needs Improvement:

  • Generic and mediocre quality of T.V. shows and films
  • No popular and fan-favorite entertainment 
  • A lot of the T.V. shows and films offered are years or decades out of date

Why VMedia is the Better Option:

  • More quality entertainment options

Contact VMedia today to learn why we are your best option for T.V. service in British Columbia.

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