Never Miss A TV Show

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Tips to get the most out of your VMedia TV subscription

Never Miss A TV Show

TV used to be so easy. In the Age of Peak TV, with a flood of new premieres and series every week on a plethora of different platforms, even during the summer, it can be hard to keep track of where your favourite series left off or when the next will air. Here are our tips to get the most out of your VMedia TV subscription, so you never miss an episode again.

TV Schedule Notifications

With an overabundance of applications available for your smart phone or tablet (link to IoT), one niche category that you may not have considered is TV Schedule services. Here are some of our favourites, based on search, tracking, services, design and ease of use

Trakt is an online hub to track your favourite TV shows, designed expressly for TV addicts like us. Trakt lists almost every major network and streaming TV show, including schedules for upcoming episodes, and creates a custom-made calendar. After setting up your account, you are prompted to select your favourite genres, enable real time notifications, and add shows to your Watch List(s). You can also set up scrobbling to allow automatic tracking of the shows or episodes you watch. While Trakt does not have a mobile app, it is optimized for ease of use from your mobile browser and integrates seamlessly with many other popular mobile applications, including Television Time (below).

TV Time
With over a million daily users and the ability to track more than 60,000 TV shows and 8 billion TV episodes – this is one of the most popular TV tracking applications available today. Track all the shows you watch, discover new ones, and find out when the next premiere is – whether it be over the top content or traditional network programming. With an integrated and sophisticated community recommendation algorithm, you can find other like-minded TV viewers to socialize with after watching an episode –from reality TV junkies to sci-fi lovers. Currently available for Android and iPhone.

Television Time
With a beautiful design and easy navigation between shows and episodes – you can find anything you need to know about your favourite TV shows. Features include : To Watch (track your progress through seasons of your favourite programming), Discover (display popular and trending shows), Search (includes both streaming services and network programming, as well as series and season premieres up to six months in advance), and actionable notifications for timely reminders on when your favourite programming airs. A standout feature, especially for the data geek, is the stats section, which provides data on your TV viewing habits, including time on TV, episodes seen, number of shows watched and much more. Available for iOS only.

Anytime TV

Your VMedia TV subscription gives you access to two great platforms to keep up with your beloved shows: VCloud and PVR. Together, they provide a dynamic solution to ensure you never miss any of your favourite programming.

VCloud – Advanced “Scroll-back” TV
VMedia’s innovative and proprietary VCloud ‘scroll-back’ TV allows you to scroll back up to seven days in the TV guide on your screen. Select a show that you missed and it’s up on your screen – ready to be enjoyed. With VCloud TV, you get quick access to any show aired within the past seven days on 25 channels which includes all major Canadian and US networks (CTV, CBC, Global, BBC, ABC and many more). Plus, no extra hardware is needed. For a complete list of supported channels, click here.

PVR – Record Your Favourite Shows
With VMedia PVR, you can record any show, at any time, on any channel you subscribe to, and playback whenever you like. Our client-side PVR allows you to watch while recording, or record while watching another channel. A notable difference with our PVR is that no additional expensive equipment is required – and each VBox has this feature built in. Simply connect a storage device (SD card or USB drive), highlight the program in the TV guide, and press the red button to record. Recording your favourite TV show has never been so easy.

GO Apps
Whether you are a traveler, sports fan, or a professional on the go, you can now watch your favourite programming on your devices – PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android – with GO apps. Enjoy unlimited access to hours of premium programming, both live and on demand, free with your VMedia TV subscription. To register, simply enter your email address, VMedia account number, and choose your password, at Once registered, simply download the official Go apps provided by content providers (including The Movie Network GO, CTV GO, TSN GO, etc), or log in from a browser. For a full list of supported channels – click here.

If you are not yet a subscriber of VMedia TV, sign up today and take advantage of our 2 months FREE TV offer. Get our most popular TV package, Premium Flex with over 60 of your favourite channels, free for your first two months. Your TV service gets you instant and unlimited access to all of our great features including VCloud and PVR. Never miss an episode again.

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