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Internet Gaming: Tips for a Lag-Free Experience

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Canada loves its games! 37.3% of Canadian residents play online games regularly. However, most Canadian gamers play for less than ten hours a week. 

A major factor in why people limit their game time is lag. Gamers lose opportunities to score points and progress in stories when their characters don’t move correctly or they can’t respond to other players. 

If you want to advance in internet gaming, you must learn a few tips for a lag-free experience. Here are the best tips to reduce lag and increase internet speed.

Check Your Internet Quality

You require at least 15 Mbps of download speed for gaming. Most gamers recommend having a speed of at least 25 Mbps, so you may want to buy a high-speed internet plan for gaming continuously. Check your internet speed before starting your game, and pause your game occasionally to check your speed again. 

You also need upload speed, especially if you’re playing a multi-person game that has scoreboards and stores information about your performance. You should have at least 0.5 Mbps of uploading speed, though competitive gamers will need more to update their statistics regularly. 

Network latency is the time it takes for your data to travel between the source and its destination, the gaming server. Your latency affects the response time between the inputs you make and the outputs in the game, like clicking keys to move your character. Your latency should be as small as possible, and most gamers settle for 20 milliseconds or less. 

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Check Your Router

Your router is the main technology that affects your internet and gaming speed. You can buy a router specifically for gaming, but the important thing is that your router provides a high-speed internet connection. A router lasts for five years, so you should buy a new one if your old one is breaking down, and you may want to update your router every time you update your gaming computer and other technology. 

Position your computer as close as possible to your router. Objects like desks and shelves can affect your Wi-Fi signal, so move these items out of the way. You may want to change the angle of your console so that your signal is not bouncing off of walls or floors. 

If you still notice a connectivity problem, stop your game and restart your router. Remember that restarting your router can revert it to its factory settings, so you need to remember your current settings and put them into effect after your reset. 

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Check Your Technology

An Ethernet cable can connect your device directly to your router and provide a consistent connection. If other people share your router or you are worried about lag, you should use an Ethernet cable to connect your technology. Ensure your cable is long enough to not get tangled or disconnected while playing your game. 

You may want to upgrade to a gaming computer, especially if you want to be a professional gamer. Gaming PCs have higher frame rates and better processors than standard PCs, so you will have less latency and better visuals. 

Virtual and augmented reality technology requires high downloading speeds, with some households needing over 100 Mbps. Invest in a high-speed router and an on-site server if you’re playing VR and AR games. You should also create a gaming room close to your router and server so walls and other objects do not interfere with your connection.

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Close Background Apps

Before gaming, many people forget to turn off background apps like Google Maps and internet browsers. These apps continue to use data, which can affect your internet speed. Turn off all other apps before you start your game. 

You should also turn off devices like your cell phone and tablet computer unless you need them for gaming. If you need them, go through their apps and turn off anything that uses data or battery life.

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Upgrade Your Internet

The best way to improve your speed is to upgrade your internet. You can do so in a few different ways. 

Buy an Unlimited Data Plan

Many internet providers cap the data you can receive through your plan. Once you exceed your cap, you may experience slower speeds and pay overage fees, which can cost hundreds of dollars over time. 

If you’re serious about gaming, you should buy an unlimited data plan. One long gaming session can use up a lot of data, so you will save money on your data over time with an unlimited plan. VMedia provides unlimited data plans, so research and compare your options. You can switch internet providers or maintain your current one. 

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Purchase Fibre Optic Internet

Fibre optic internet may be the best internet system for gamers. Fibre optic cables use beams of light to carry information, making fibre optic internet faster than technology that uses copper wires and other materials. The cables lose less information and do not experience electromagnetic interference, so the information you send to your servers will always arrive at the servers. 

Fibre optic internet can be a little more expensive than other offerings, but you will experience fewer connectivity problems in the long run. You will need to purchase a fibre internet router, though you can lease it and share it with others to save money. You must also connect your devices to your network, so ask your installer to assist you. VMedia is launching Fibre internet in Toronto soon – stay tuned for updates!

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