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When you are subscribing for cable TV in Pembroke under VMedia, you are getting excellent choices. One of the biggest fascinations with the locals of this town is movies. They seriously cannot survive without ogling at a dozen films every week. VMedia’s smart packages have been woven such that the people can enjoy a great choice and get the benefits of economy. For instance, if you are a movie buff, then you can simply opt for the Movie Pack which involves 5 top movie channels at a monthly tariff of only $7.95. Pembroke cable TV subscribers who do not watch anything other than movies can just subscribe for this pack and save plenty of money. In addition, the basic package of $29.95 can be availed free of cost for the first 30 days. So, that is another point in your favor.

The channels allotted under the Movie Package mentioned above are Sundance Channel, Movie Time, Silver screen, IFC and Action. But if you are not contented with this pack and are more into Hollywood channels, then you can select another yummy plan which can be availed under IPTV Pembroke services. VMedia flings before you the Hollywood Suite package which at $5.75 is the just the right thing for you. It includes 4 prime channels like MGM, AXN Movies, Warner Films and Sony Movie Channel. VMedia’s plans are cost-effective as you can judge from the price of its packages. Besides, it runs Pembroke cable TV through internet. Thus, you can expect the best technology and, hence, the most appealing services.

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