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Who said that the children of North Bay do not watch TV? In fact, the kids out there are as much entitled to those lovely long hours of Disney channel and other cartoon channels as are the kids of the rest of Canada! So, VMedia brings before you an affordable way to keep your children happy and make them sit quietly for hours before the idiot box! Now, with internet TV North Bay, we have started offering numerous packages to all our subscribers. Our Kid Combo pack is ready to roll out for a monthly fee of just $9.95. Since the tariff is small, neither you nor your child will rue or miss out on anything. Being one of the most reliable North Bay cable TV providers, we can be counted upon for delivering all the services we promise.

You won’t regret having subscribed with us since we offer you many low price and flexible plans so that you can adjust your budget accordingly. Amongst our other packages, we have the Premium Basic package which is the hottest thing we have come out with. This in-demand pack is priced at just $39.95 but will be available to you free of cost for the first one month.

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