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Even though $24.95 is a pretty decent bit of money, you may not have imagined that this amount will be able to buy you unlimited global calls. After all, if you have this much money left in your phone and you try talking randomly to people outside Canada, how many hours do you think your balance will last? Do remember that the call prices of international calls are very steep. Probably, you will run out of balance even before you can talk to 3 people. But if you are being given unlimited access to international calls at only $24.95, this plan does seem to make the heart dance, doesn’t it? VMedia, a top home phone provider in Woodstock, truly makes your dreams come alive by introducing the Unlimited World calling plan. Under this plan, users will need to make a monthly payment of $24.95 in lieu of unlimited calling hours in over 60 countries.


This is an excellent plan for anybody who has loads of friends living in other parts of the world. Additionally, VMedia is always a temptress when the matter of quality comes under the glare. Its call quality is on par with excellence and its staffs are very compliant and humble. Almost all your genuine grievances will be solved in a jiffy, though chances are less that you will have any grievance to air. With VMedia, you can also expect complete transparency right from the beginning. It makes it clear that you are going to get so and so facilities for free. The major facilities which we associate with phone calls can all be enjoyed free. VMedia epitomizes the idealistic home phone provider in Woodstock. It can give you that plan which will make you talk like a chatterbox without having to pay much.