People living in Welland are also quite enthusiastic about phone calls. Most of them, especially the youngsters, often curb their desires to talk to far-flung friends because of high call rates. So, VMedia with its surprising plans has proved itself to be an extremely endearing home phone provider in Welland. Even though every individual carries his or her personal cell phone these days, the call rates out there can be very high. If you add up all the bills of each member of the family, the cumulative amount can be very high. On the other hand, by opting for one phone service by VMedia, every member can individually and collectively save a lot of money.


The Unlimited Canada plan and the Unlimited World plan are both framed to help users save money. These plans cost a monthly tariff of $14.95 and $24.95 respectively. They give unlimited phone calling facility in Canada and in the world respectively. So, each member of your family can use the phone to talk for unlimited hours to any person in the country or outside it by using such a service. Therefore, why even think of some other home phone provider in Welland when you have the wonderful plans and services of VMedia before you?

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