VMedia also serves as a reputed home phone provider in Waterloo. Yes, it has its services sprawled in almost every part of the country. So, if you are in Waterloo and are looking for ways to cut down on your phone expenses, the best suggestion for you would be to contact VMedia and opt for one of their plans. For making unlimited phone calls in Canada, the Unlimited Canada plan costing $14.95 per month will be the best for you. For making unlimited international calls in over 60 countries, the Unlimited World plan costing $24.95 will be great for you.


Talking to one friend can be exciting, but talking to two friends together can be better. Most people lead their social lives in small groups- be it in school or college. Even at your office, you will naturally make a small group of yours. It can be fun talking to multiple people over conference calls. Under these plans, you can talk to more people. VMedia allows you to go for 3-way conference call for free of cost. This can be a great incentive to opt for its packages. At least, check what it has got to offer. You will certainly love what you find. Being a prestigious home phone provider in Waterloo, VMedia does have its advantages.

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