As a home phone provider in Vaughan, VMedia has also worked wonders. The locals in the city have been going gaga bout how this organization has helped them cut down on their phone bills. Without being arrogant, let us be frank and honest that VMedia has pioneered certain policies and friendly plans which have helped it to acquire a new generation of followers. It may not be the best home phone provider in Vaughan, or it may be the best. That is for you to decide. But what is clear is that it always strives to head towards perfection. It is always ready to improve its services so as to serve the customers to the best of its ability.


In Vaughan city, it has also introduced the unlimited calling packs. At $14.95 per month, you can make unlimited phone calls throughout Canada. Likewise for a monthly payment of $24.95, you can make unlimited phone calls throughout the world in over 60 nations. Features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and 3-way conference do not tax you extra. You can enjoy them for free. Plus, there are a number of other stunning features which are up for grabs, free of cost. All you have to pay is just the stipulated monthly tariff and you can start talking and stop worryin