Canada is a large country and if you are a normal person with a decent social life, chances are high that you will have some of your best buddies spread all over the country. Without any plan in place, you may have to pay a huge sum of money just to talk for 10 minutes daily with your friend sitting in another part of the country. So if you slip into long chats on a regular basis, you can imagine well that your bill would be on a very heavier side. The easier route is to find a home phone provider in Thunder Bay which has the right plan for this very purpose. VMedia is the name to bank upon in this regard. As a home phone provider, it offers you the economic Unlimited Canada plan under which you can talk for unlimited hours with your friends in any part of the country.


Your monthly billing would be fixed at $14.95. By paying this nominal tariff, you will become eligible to make unlimited calls to all your friends, no matter in which part of the country they are based in. Besides, just to make things more interesting, let us inform you that VMedia offers free 3-way conference facility. So you won’t have to pay anything extra and you can go on talking to two of your friends simultaneously in a 3-way conference for unlimited hours. If you can repeat this process regularly, which you would given the lure, certainly the monthly tariff of $14.95 will be easy to digest. So, by contacting this home phone provider in Thunder Bay, you can now change your routine and also that of your buddies. Talking and chatting are the spices of life. Why quit socializing when you can get them on phone for such a small sum.

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